Easter Gathering Investigation Leads to EMCPA Violation

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services

After receiving a complaint of a gathering that took place on April 2, 2021, members of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service began an investigation.

As a result of the investigation, the organizer of the gathering was identified and it was determined the gathering exceeded restrictions under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA).

On April 21, 2021 officers with Patrol Services issued a provincial offences notice under the EMCPA.

“This community has fared quite well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and I know we all want to keep it that way so we’re able to once again visit with friends and family,” Chief Hugh Stevenson says. “In order to do our part as your Police Service, we will thoroughly investigate any complaint of EMCPA violations. As in this case, and others, anyone found to be violating the EMCPA will be fined accordingly.”

Any individual failing to comply with an order made during a declared emergency could face a minimum fine of $750.


  1. The parents of some teenage children in our community are reckless. There was also a confirmed story that approx 10 teenage kids from St. Mary’s, Superior Heights, and Korah went on a ‘shopping trip’ to Toronto right before Easter and a confirmed case (or cases) of covid resulted of that trip. What is wrong with these parents?! We need to hold them accountable!!

  2. Providing alcohol to underage kids is illegal. Is that not considered criminal. I guess pics aren’t enough proof.

  3. I couldn’t care less who the people is, but it would be nice to heard from the horse mouth that the names are not to be made public for whatever the reason could be.

    I believe the best we can do is report to the Police as soon as we see a gathering starting.

    Remember that in many of this “gatherings” alcohol and drugs are just part of the program… then don’t expect anyone wearing a mask… that will interfere with bipping.

    We can still trust our finest and they are under extreme pressure nowadays.

    Report, report and report, that will deter more than making their name avail to the public.

  4. A pound of flesh,,, that’s a bit harsh!!! BUT I do believe publishing names is a huge deterrent,,, especially for some, 750.00 is a drop in the bucket! Further more what have the kids learned,,,We can break the law, pay for our actions and now let’s forget about it…. But even more important then that, we don’t want it happening again, this could have been catastrophic!!!!
    The other point that concerns me is the use of alcohol by 14 years olds,,, as far as I’m aware the drinking age is 19, any adult serving it to this age should have severe consequences!!! I would consider this breaking the law as well! And if it was a teacher on or off duty, there is a code of conduct that needs to be followed,,, by ALL teachers!!

  5. What do you think they should do Luc? Your pound of flesh attitude is alarming. Charges have been laid but you want more and more. The only important thing here is whether anyone became ill. Move on.

    • There used to be a morals clause in teacher contracts where they could be dismissed for violating certain standards of behaviour. Not sure if is still there today, but if it is I would think that facilitating underage drinking and violating public health regulations would trigger it.

    • What do you think they should do Luc? Your pound of flesh attitude is alarming. Charges have been laid but you want more and more. The only important thing here is whether anyone became ill. Move on.

      • As a parent I have questions about the suitability of a teacher who permits underage drinking in their home, let alone during a pandemic. It’s not a “pound of flesh” I’m after, it’s accountability to the parents.

  6. Still waiting on APH to release the address of the party as they did with the Garden River one. APH needs to be held accountable for that, you know after they deal with all the privacy breaches they’ve had recently. A joke of an organization.

    • I doubt the school board would get involved since the offence had nothing to do with the board itself. It was an activity not condoned or authorized by the board and was not held on school property.

      • if rumours are true and a teacher had high school kids underage drinking in their home that is definitely plenty to do with the school board even without violating quarantine rules.

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