Family frustrated with Justice System

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Just over a week ago, in a now infamous video, a senior women was brutally knocked to the ground on Queen Street by a male intent on robbing her.

The individual who did it was later arrested and charged with robbery. A few days later he was charged with two additional incidents from earlier in the day.

Out of a fear of retaliation, as well as not wishing to interfere with the ongoing investigation and court process, SaultOnline has given the victim and family anonymity.

“She was definitely a random target. The biggest piss off is that this known repeat offender is dangerous and yet still roaming the streets. Negligence is putting people at risk. There’s a chain of responsibility that’s broken and allowing people like him to run loose,” said the former daughter-in-law of the victim.

The catch and release issues have been highlighted before. Back in December we caught up with Sault Ste. Marie Police Chief, Hugh Stevenson. He was bringing all of this to the attention of council where he was asked to explain the issues.

“The reality of policing today is that when you have a Bill C-75. That gives you circular justice, when there’s a lack of deterrence in the criminal justice system. When there’s no long-term treatment, what it means is very simply, we end up dealing with the same person four, five up to 33 times on recall.”

The victim’s son is beyond frustrated with the system. In the case related to his mother, he can’t understand what is going on.

“He’s out and probably won’t have a court date until this COVID is over. He has a lot of priors so he will do some time. There is nothing we can do about it, that is how everything is being done now because of the pandemic,” he said when asked about the status of the case. “Everything is catch and release, we were given no info at all about what his plea was, who the judge is that released him, none of the release conditions and zero court date set. Beyond pissed off would be an understatement.”

They understand it is not an issue with police and that it goes much deeper than that.

According to the daughter-in-law, the community rallied to collect gifts and cards for the victim which were delivered this past weekend.

“She was totally blown away and speechless, she has no idea why so many people care about her and are making a fuss over what happened,” she said. “We told her the community is concerned about her and everyone else being affected by the unchecked violence in the Soo.”

According to family, the victim is healing well. If you have any further information about the case, you are encouraged to contact Sault Police Services or Crime Stoppers.


  1. The people are upset to put it mildly.What is the purpose of Bill C75 .It’s purpose is create chaos among Canadians across Canada.Now I am not known to be nice in matters like this.We need law and order top to bottom.We dont have any at the top.The PM is guilty of passing ridiculous bills like this .He is guilty of scandals that should have took him down he has surrounded himself with known Marxist Lennists,Communists ,fascists,who Have pushed Critical Race Theory,the Defence Minister plays the Race Card .What this Liberal Government has done is divide Canadians along ethnic lines.Has enforced rules that violate section 176 by sending Health Officials and police into Churches,Mosques, Synagogues to enforce this unlawful rules.
    It is our individual choice to wear a mask or not.Unelected Health officials cannot mandate anything.Quarantining people is illegal and unconstitutional under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. When the Government takes these away only because like good Canadians we are do damn polite to tell these GESTAPO and Nazi like tactics to take a hike.

  2. I really feel for the victims son, ……put yourself in his position and it was your mother this happened to, I know I would be beyond infuriated with our justice system and Trudeau bill c-75, unbelievable just unbelievable that this person is out of jail and walking the streets…..blows my mind!!!!!

  3. Maybe, time for stricter laws…. for example, everytime they reoffend, cut off a finger…. see how many times they repeat that again….. I know it sounds barbaric… but, who are we dealing with….pushing down that women and hit her…..who does that?

  4. But no worries. Trudeau took all the scary looking guns from the law abiding citizens so you can all feel safe. While the criminals laugh their way back into the street. Time to get rid of this Liberal government

  5. Elect judges to two year terms like in the US . Don’t let them have lifetime appointments so they can sleep on the bench and make deals with the crown and defense.

  6. Judges need to start being held accountable. Publicly naming them would perhaps deter their “sweep it under the rug” attitude. I can guarantee you that if a known criminal did that to their 70 year old mother there would be consequences. Police are endlessly arresting the same offenders only to have them out on the streets before they are finished completing their paperwork. I pay a lot of tax dollars….more so than Southern Ontario….so why is there no Justice here??????

  7. Someone that does something THAT violent to a 70 year old woman as we’ve all seen on that shocking video is let out to… it again?? Next time to someone that might not be so lucky as to make it out alive? That is negligence. Disgusted.

    • A lot of blame goes to Trudeau and his soft on crime approach.
      His Bill C-75 made things much easier for criminals not to mention all the mandatory minimum sentences he removed for violent gun crimes.
      We’re going to be paying for his time as PM for many years to come.

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