Famous Pastry available again along 17 North


A drive up picturesque Highway 17 North will take you along the coast of Lake Superior, and to the home of a very famous pastry.

An aerial shot of the Voyager’s lodge and camp (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

The Voyager’s Lodge and Cookhouse is nestled amongst the trees on the right side of the highway, approximately 60 kilometers north of Sault Ste. Marie.

Inside the walls, within the general store is a treasure we were told we had to try, by both the locals and Saultites alike.


As you enter the doors, you can smell them before you see them. Apple Fritters the size of “bear paws” according to locals, have garnered a lot of attention since Owner’s Gail and Frank O’Connor introduced them in 2016.

Frank is quick to say that the fritters are all of his wife’s idea, Gail has an inkling as to the reason they are so popular.

“I think the size and the fact they are sold along the north shore makes them so popular,” said Gail.

The couple has owned the lodge for 19 years. Fritter season opened three days ago.

Andrea Hanson a local resident said it’s part of her tradition.

“I love that they are homemade! They have the perfect taste to them. It’s a summer tradition for the family to go out there and get some. We always pre-order just to make sure we get some,” said Hanson.

An aerial view of The Voyager’s Lodge and cookhouse General Store.

Dave Harrison from Windsor, Ontario, he said it’s a tradition for them when they are in the Sault to make them part of a day trip north.

Gail says they have sold upwards of 1000 donuts in a day.

“We’ve had lines all the way across the parking lot the the house for these,” said Frank.

Saultonline can attest to the size, flavour and consistency of this locally famous pastry.

Have you tried these? what do you think? please post your experiences below.


  1. Read this story and the next day we went for a drive and bought six. They are far better than what we used to think was the best in the Sault. Homemade…..awesome. Friendly service and very clean……inside and out.

  2. These apple fritters are amazing, especially when you get them warm, just out of the oven. They are so big that it’s a meal. YUM!
    It’s definitely worth a beautiful drive out to The Voyageurs Lodge to get them. My family is crazy for them.
    Frank and Gail are wonderful people too.

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