Ford asks to suspend arrival of international students, Trudeau says


The prime minister says Ontario Premier Doug Ford has asked Ottawa to suspend the arrival of international students in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Justin Trudeau says Ontario is the only province to make this request.

Trudeau says he’s not considering barring international students from entering Canada at this point, but he’s willing to work “more narrowly” with Ontario.

Ford has repeatedly blamed the COVID-19 pandemic’s third wave on  “porous borders.”

The premier has also called on the federal government to institute hotel quarantines at land borders.

Trudeau says there are already tight controls at land borders, including tests before and after crossing and mandatory two-week quarantines.



  1. With the majority of students across Canada in remote learning, and the majority of office work etc being done remotely why is there a need for travel to Canada from other countries? Many of these countries have better internet and cell service than rural areas here.
    Many students fall under essential travel and can circumvent any isolation/quarantine requirements which is completely counter intuitive to fighting a virus.
    India is a hotbed for covid – other countries such as Australia are actually arrested for traveling to India yet Canada has open borders to them?
    This is Trudeau’s idea of protecting Canadians with “some of the toughest border restrictions”?
    Trudeau should be charged for his failure to act. He is directly responsible for covid running rampant in Canada.
    Failed to act on warnings, failed to secure/restrict the border, failed to secure relationships for covid vaccinations, failed to acquire guaranteed shipments. Trudeau has been a colossal failure.
    And what’s his focus now? Bill C-10, the internet censorship act so we can’t voice our displeasure with what the federal government is doing. Absolutely outrageous!

  2. I do NOT think that Ford is correct when he says that Trudeau’s Radison (Chinese Owned) Concentration Hotels is the way to go for incoming Flyers! I believe that anyone coming in the country, whether from flights or crossing by land, should be Tested and Isolating at home or in a hotel/motel that they have booked. They should be monitored that they are following this rule. Nobody should be forced to pay $2,000.00 to stay in Dictator Trudeau’s assigned Hotels! We have not China Yet, Premier Ford??

  3. It’s not going to make much difference when we allow 3000 commuter cars a month to come back and forth from Soo Michigan alone. No quarantine or testing needed.

  4. Not sure why it’s Ford’s fault. Trudeau obviously didn’t slow international flights quick enough.Our PM seems to be much like Joe Biden who has the USA in a mess right now.

    • Luc the loophole at the border was to appease the snowbirds that were vacationing in the United States. Trudeau has known about the loophole forever but there is going to be an election coming soon so why not buy more votes. Ford did not have the power to ban flights from India , Trudeau did. Ford did not have the power to ban flights from England, Trudeau did. Funny we have names of variants from all the countries that Trudeau failed to ban flights from. The countries that have been successful fighting this virus all have closed border policies. Borders are federal and yes that is not dougie’s fault it is your boy justino.

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