Grocer 4 Good is officially a registered charity!


On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce that after our initial
incorporation in July of 2019 within the Province of Ontario, we have now achieved full
charitable status under that Charitable Directorate within the Government of Canada.

In this year of much uncertainty we have maintained operations, including all of our paid staff
positions. We cannot thank our initial donors enough who believed in our underlying mission
and vision, they include: District Social Services Board of Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma Autism
Foundation, Sault Ste. Marie PUC, HealthCare Solutions, ERGO Office Plus, YES You Can
Employment, Sault Ste. Marie Community Career Centre, Program Read and our founding
Board of Directors. Our COVID Recovery would not have been possible without a recovery loan from the Community Development Corporation. To become an online donor, please visit:

Some regularly asked questions:

Who can shop at G4G?

Everyone! We are a smaller retailer and offer a variety of products at a low mark-up, including some local specialty products. (Hogan’s Homestead, LaCanasta Latin Products)

Do you have discount days?

We have 10% Senior discounts on Thursdays and Student discounts on Fridays.

What is a social enterprise?

We operate with the primary purpose of employing people facing various barriers to employment, and serve those with limited incomes daily essentials at low market costs. The
proceeds of goods and services sold support our day to day operations and continued job and skills development.


  1. Lisa, I would like to commend you on, once again, realizing what our community needs. Your dedication and commitment to this endeavor gives me hope that our younger generation will also work and do important jobs in our community. Your Mom would be so proud.
    Theresa Sharp

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