Helping a Cause, One T-Shirt at a Time


A local woman is doing her part to help a crisis situation for a volunteer based animal group.

Alexandra M decided to use her talents and raise some cash for TAAG (The Animal Assistance Group). The pandemic, now going on for over a year, has caused some significant financial challenges for the group who is focused on keeping stray cats off the streets and fosters feral cats until they can find a home.

TAAG President and founder, Cheryl Alberta, told SaultOnline/ONNtv a few weeks ago “the Sault is facing a veterinarian crisis, not only for TAAG but for many looking for a vet”.

TAAG routinely sent their cats across the river for spaying and neutering due to the lower cost of those procedures compared to Canadian veterinary services. However, with the bridge closed and TAAG not deemed essential, the group is finding it difficult to foster a number of cats (and the number keeps growing) while waiting for a new home.

With two local vets retiring, the new veterinarians taking over the practice have indicated they would not be taking any new patients with other vets in community advising the same.

This means TAAG is faced with keeping the cats until they can have the procedure so they can be adopted into a new family.

Keeping this many cats requires money. Money for food, medicine and their well being. TAAG does this solely by donations as the group receives no funding from government bodies such as the Humane Society does.

Alexandra has had a long history with TAAG over the years, “I started this fundraiser as a way to give back to the shelter. Prior to adopting Leonard, I had just lost my 13.5 year old rescue dog earlier that year and the heartache left me questioning if I’d ever be able to own another animal. ” she told SaultOnline. “TAAG are volunteers – they have no paid staff and receive no government funding. Everything they do is a result of donations so I wanted to find a way to help raise funds for them without them having to front the setup costs or have to worry about tracking sales.”

Alexandra started producing and selling customized T-shirts in an effort to help out. “I plan to have this fundraiser run indefinitely. The longer I’m able to run it, the more graphic options and apparel styles I hope to offer.”

$10 from every t-shirt, tank top and sweatpants purchase,  and $15 from every sweater  purchase will be donated to TAAG to help the shelter rescue and care for cats and kittens in need.

“TAAG is incredibly important to me, and to our community. The cat population continues to rise and so many cats and kittens are left without loving homes.” said Alexandra. “I think it’s important for our community to know the good work TAAG is doing – in rescuing and caring for cats and kittens, but also in educating people of the importance of spaying and neutering, as well as the dangers of declawing.”

For those interested in purchasing some apparel and helping TAAG during the unknown of the pandemic, you can purchase a t-shirt here.