Highlights of new COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario


Ontario extended a stay-at-home order and announced new restrictions to fight COVID-19 on Friday, while giving police new powers to enforce the measures. Here are the highlights:

– A recently announced stay-at-home order has been extended for two weeks for a total of six weeks.

– Interprovincial travel will be limited, with checkpoints to be set up with Quebec and Manitoba.

– Only members of the same household can gather outdoors. Individuals who live alone can join a household.

– Outdoor recreational facilities, such as golf courses, tennis courts and playgrounds, will close.

– Capacity limits at essential retailers have been tightened to 25 per cent.

– Religious gatherings will be capped at 10 people indoors.

– Non-essential construction will close.

– Police can stop anyone to ask why they’re not at home and where they live.



  1. The vaccine will not stop you from getting covid, it will not stop you from transmitting covid. After taking vaccine you will still have all of these restrictions in place ie. Mask wearing, social distancing etc. It is not the “end all” solution, those thinking once everyone gets vaccinated things will go back to normal are very disillusioned!!! Some very good points there Ron, especially the planes landing!!!!

  2. Now they are saying that we might need a third dose. Do you think it’s because the others don’t work as well as they thought they would ? There is talk of developing a nasal spray that would target the virus at its source. Why wasn’t this developed first?

    • The reason i blame Ford is that he says he is listening to the science with his decisions. Well his own medical experts go on record as stating that they do not support closing down outdoor activities.. Not allowing outdoor activities like tennis, pickle ball, golf, etc. just drives people indoors where 99.9% of all transmission occurs. So again the question is who is Ford really listening to. I voted for him last election but i have to tell you he looked very uncomfortable and confused on his last appearance .

  3. Why is it where there is a lockdown in effect .The Covid numbers are high .Where there is no lockdown the numbers are down.
    I’m not claiming to know the answers to this.But what I do know is that what was two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into a year.There was no masks then there was the toilet paper hoarding. Then there was masks required and then social distancing. Then I notice that all these orders were being made by so called medicsl experts. Then we had the daily reports from DOUG AND Justin ,We were told by the PM to stay home ,and no travelling. THE PM then when to his mansion at Harrington Lake .After telling us not to go to our camps.it was do as I say .he did even take his own advice.We had Doug to the same thing.
    Having a wee bit of NBCD training, if this virus was bad as they said it was Why wasn’t everyone of us properly fitted with A Gas Mask and Filters to keep this biological agent out our systems ?
    Then there were just too many stupid things ,the so called medical experts said .Then it was clear these experts had no idea what they were dealing with.
    They made us wear cloth and paper masks that does not stop virus that is .00005 microns .Then you see people double masking which is still useless to this .00005 microns .Here we are ina total lockdown ,and our PM who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer .Letting international flights in with thousands of people entering the country and not being stopped or checked for the virus.This went on for months in around the major international airports all of the country.Still the numbers climbed.In areas of the country ports mass volume of goods from china arrived daily .
    Canada does not manufacture anything in the country anymore every thing from furniture ,plumbing supplies ,building supplies just about everything come from China
    The way this biological weapon and its variants is being delivered throught the transportation and distribution system.When you look at a map like Ontario you look at where the outbreaks are they are around Pearson Airport and the surrounding communities and the GTA were major distribution centre’s are warehouses ,docks,rails and trucking and rail Hubs Sudbury,Northbay ,Thunder Bay .Then look at the other Provinces and you now see the pattern.In Sault Ste Marie we have no inbound flights .Most things are trucked in .Just consider this ,why are we being pushed into taking a vaccine that did no human trials.These pharmaceutical Companies dont have the best reputations and are exempt from being sued.Most of them have lost cases and millions of people have died because of their negligence over the years.

  4. I still believe that we need VACCINES.
    The Government will not control the virus forcing the citizens to remain under closed doors, thats a paranoid plan orchestrated for the so called Scientists, the same ones that many years ago went rampant with frontal lobotomy to correct human behaviour.

    Today, we need VACCINES and the one in charge to obtain the VACCINES was as efficient as the Groundhog predicting the weather.

    Mr. Ford lost his mind and should be swept out of office together with his partner The Junior!

    I supported Mr. Ford, but unfortunately he has gone to far… even when the restrictions will not affect me as I only have to remain at home, in my view this are too restrictive measures that in many cases will end in Court, if not in a public confrontation Montreal style.

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