It’s going to cost more to wipe your behind and more!


Kimberly-Clark Corp announced this week that it would be raising prices on many of its products in both Canada and the United States to offset rising commodity costs. Starting late June, consumers can expect to see the prices of popular products like Scott paper towels, Cottonelle toilet paper and Kleenex facial tissues impacted along with other adult and child care products.

Although Kimberly-Clark seen its sales rise to nearly $20 billion USD last year, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic as products rolled off shelves with shoppers stockpiling, manufacturing costs also surged. Most companies who produce consumer products which rely on raw materials like pulp, recycled fibers and resins have continued to be pressured by global demand during the pandemic.

Kimberly-Clark stated that consumers can expect to see price increases in the mid-to-high single digits starting around late June as their manufacturing costs continue to surge as well.


  1. Before the pandemic, Cottonelle toilet paper 8 rolls 2.99…would go on sale for 1.99
    During the pandemic the price jumped to 3.99, sale price 2.99. Then the regular price went up to 6.99, then 8.99 for the same 8 roll pack.
    I was the type who would buy the 6 pack of paper towels and the 8 pack of kleenex made by the same company too. Once they increased the prices during the pandemic, I stopped buying the paper towels and kleenex and I’m frugal with the tp.
    This was the company I reported for price gouging at the point they raised the price to 3.99. Nothing has happened and the price is triple what it was prior to the pandemic.

    • Glad you’re not my spouse. Good luck on your stockpile over the winter. Or is that when you switch to the piney-fresh variety?

      You know what’s also (almost) free? Rags, you can cut up old tshirts into squares, then toss them into the wash. Sounds much more appealing than leaves.

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