Local club gearing down

Cars are lined up to start in this undated picture.

For a lot of different reasons, a local club has possibly changed its last set of batteries.

COVID, lack of volunteers and members, as well costs have caused the Sault RC Club to face the reality it may have to close.

“So, times have changed since when I started 10-12 years ago, before, you know, cell phones and kids lived inside. There was a lot of interest,” said Marty Charron, current president of the club. “We had no problem finding people, the racing community was massive. And now it’s an instant gratification generation. That’s really what’s causing the demise of the club.”

In a Facebook post the club announced their impending closure.

“Good Morning Everyone. With times changing as fast as they are, It seems there is not enough interest to continue to fund the Wilcox Park RC Track,” said the post. “We will not be opening this year unless someone would like to fundraise the $985 for insurance and Rent and run it. Feel free to contact me if you would like to donate and run it.”

Charron said the city has been wonderful to work with throughout their existence and is sad to see the club is facing closure.

“For personal reasons, I can’t run it anymore, I helped start it, but it’s time for me to move on,” said Charron.

As of the time of publishing there have been a few people interested and reached out, so it may not be the end, only time will tell.