National Picnic Day


Today is National Picnic Day, and the weather could not be more perfect to pack up a meal or snack, and head out to a quiet patch of land to enjoy your food in the sun!

Although the stay at home order is in effect, finding a special spot in your own backyard can feel like an adventure. Taking your meal outside with blankets and baskets can make even the simplest meals taste exotic!

Picnics are a great stress reliever, they help reduce the anxieties related to work and home, and eating a meal outdoors is a natural mood booster.

Spending this time with family is a great bonding experience for all involved.  When it comes to packing the picnic, the blankets, and picking the spot, it’s a great way for all to get involved in the outdoor adventure!

Treat yourself and order takeout from your favourite local restaurant and enjoy some vitamin D and fresh air!