Nga-zhichige Nibi Onji: “I will do it for the water!”

Water Walkers

Tasha Beeds is preparing to walk 135 kms over 4 days for Nibi Nikwejiwong (Junction Creek).

Projects in the past few weeks have been preparing the land for Tasha’s Water Walk. Cleaning up for Creation is a volunteer lead effort to pick up the garbage from the lands and the waters along Junction Creek.

Tasha shared in a talk last night with Beedahbin Peltier of, about what she has been doing to prepare for the upcoming Water Walk.

“You have to prepare, you could physically train for it solely, but you also need to prepare spiritually, emotionally, mentally,” Beeds shares.

Peltier and Beeds have been working together to prepare for the 135 km journey by foot.

Peltier shared his perspectives on the importance of ancestral language, miijim(food), mashkikeh (medicines) and awi aadiziwin (life knowledge).  “By decolonizing ourselves physically, nutritionally, and by building and relearning some of those knowledges, we can try to honor the nutritional responsibility that we have to ourselves,” Peltier says.

Beeds and Peltier share the importance of self-care in preparation of this Water Walk.

To further support Tasha Beeds Walk for Nibi Nikwejiwong, a GoFundMe has been set up to sponsor youth centered activities, to support the core Walkers and Elders with accommodations, honorariums, nourishment, walking supplies and earth friendly PPE.

Nga-zhichige Nibi Onji: “I will do it for the water!”