Ontario introducing harsher penalties for speeding, stunt driving


Ontario is planning to increase penalties for speeding, stunt driving, and other traffic violations.

The government introduced legislation this afternoon that would, among other things, increase vehicle impoundment times and lengthen licence suspensions.

The new bill would see roadside vehicle impoundment increase from seven days to 14 days, and roadside driver’s licence suspensions extend from seven days to 30 days.

The bill also introduces escalating post-conviction licence suspensions, up to a life-time ban for a fourth infraction.

It would also lower the threshold for laying street racing charges for those travelling 40 km/h or more above the posted limit on roads where the speed limit is less than 80 km/h.

The government says stunt driving offences have been on the rise since 2015, with a large spike seen last year.


  1. The current Ontario administration was prone to increase the maximum speed on highways and routes.
    I think this modifications are more oriented to those violating the urban speeds.
    Speeding 30 kilometre above the limit of 40 in the city is a recipe for catastrophe, while driving 140 on a 110 limit is a different equation.
    Let’s agree, that for many families in Ontario, this comes too late. Sometimes, a cop stop you and if you’re a smart person, it could help you to cool down and avoid a catastrophe to yourself or someone else.
    Many accidents on the Highway 17th. are solo and you don’t need to drive above the speed to end in the ditch… if you’re lucky.
    I know, because I’m an expert in those issues and always below the speed limit.

  2. Becoming a police state, just what we need more laws, its like putting a spear on the front of a cruise missile. We already have plenty of laws for speeding etc., don’t need anymore.

    We need to use this time to deal with the pandemic not sneak in new rules…

  3. The problem with a license suspensionisthst people who deliberately drive 80 or 200 km over the speed limit may be the same people who will drive with a suspended license.

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