Ontario now under provincewide ‘shutdown’ to control spread of COVID-19


Public health restrictions have tightened across Ontario as the province is now under a “shutdown.”

The measures were introduced to combat what Premier Doug Ford calls an “alarming” surge in COVID-19 infections and are set to last for four weeks.

The government is asking Ontarians to limit trips outside the home to necessities such as food, medication and other essential services, but stopped short of imposing a stay-at-home order like it did in January.

Capacity is limited in retail stores — to 50 per cent for those deemed essential, and 25 per cent for non-essential retailers — while restaurants are restricted to takeout, delivery and drive-through service.

Personal care services must also close.

But schools are set to remain open following the spring break, which ends on April 9, because the province says they are crucial to students’ mental health.

Thursday’s announcement came hours after the province’s science advisers said stay-at-home orders were needed to control the third wave driven by more contagious and deadly COVID-19 variants.


  1. Why do we have lockdown for restaurants etc. because cases in Toronto area are rising! How about letting people decide what they deem safe or not ie. Indoor dining. If you feel safe and ok with going out, it should be your decision not Gov’t! If they would stop landing planes in Toronto, they might see a difference in cases! In the past it was to quarantine the sick, not everybody.After a years worth of data, you would think they would have advanced their protocols, instead of closing everything down, many business owners are being mentally and financially abused by these lockdowns!! If politicians lost half their income during these lockdowns, I’m sure they would not be too happy either!!!! But Ford is listening to his health advisors, who bring papers with them they never look at, and read whatever “they” tell them to say!!!! All this needs to end now!! Florida is wide open, no masks and are doing just as well as places with restrictions! Now theres mention of covid passports, that would make a certain past German leader proud, for a virus that has a 98% survival rate if healthy. Unbelievable!!!!

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