Police explain actions at anti-lockdown protest

Sault Police Services take names during a protest behind Station Mall, April 18, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

Sault Police Services Communications Manager Lincoln Louttit, spoke with SaultOnline about actions taken by attending officers during a protest this afternoon.

“There was a bit of a small, anti-lockdown protest, and there was a small altercation that took place,” said Louttit. “Officers spoke with the people on scene and did there investigation and there was no charges laid in terms of the altercation that took place.”

“Everybody that was there for the anti-lockdown protest was spoken to by police and educated about the restrictions under the current provincial orders and they ended up leaving the area shortly after.”

He referred to the press release yesterday, stating officers are choosing to educate people of infractions first before taking any actions such as issuing a ticket when it comes to the provincial emergency act that is currently in place.

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  1. I agree with Jenn, international flights and all borders should have been closed a year ago, yet here we are with international flights coming in, until this is done all our lives we are going to be in lockdown!

  2. Easy to call people names who are concerned about the unending lockdowns – they have the right to protest. The other online paper said a person on a bike attacked and beat up a protestor – he should be arrested. The protestors aren’t the ones who need ‘reeducation’ – they probably pay their city taxes and should receive police protection. The treatment of these people is totally unacceptable.

    • Police protection for meeting illegally ? They were over the outside group limit.

      The other online paper only took the group’s version of events, and didn’t even talk to the cyclist. The truth is probably not quite ‘attacked and beat up’.

  3. People have the right to protest whatever they see doesn’t fit and as long as they do it peacefully and observing the rules that are set for this emergency, I don’t see a problem with it.
    There is no reason to interfere with people exercising their right to protest.
    You have to wonder who’s the uncivilized that goes by punching people, obviously the protesters were not a mob.
    I disagree completely with the reason for the protest, but I support their right to go and stand on the sidewalk, peacefully, with a sign saying their truth, their very own truth of course.

    • I don’t see it saying anyone was punched, unless you know something not in the story.

      Altercation/assault can be a lot of things ranging in severity. I assume if no charges are being pressed it was likely something not very severe (or maybe you’re correct and the guy had a pitiful punch)

      • As I understood, the whole incident, from a very beginning to the end…
        There was a brief argument, on one side, a passer by on a bicycle… the argument escalated when the passer by and a sign holder bumped.
        Why they bumped, would you ask… well there was a disagreement in the value they assigned to each other actions, and… from verbal, the argument went to physical and two persons could be seen on the grass… blah blah… at the end of the incident and assessing the losses, one person (on the protesters side) was bleeding and had few scratches here and there… here is a value assigned to the face and there is a value assigned to any other part of the body that is not the face.
        I heard it through the grapevine… one person (a sign holder) had a cut and was bleeding from “his” mouth.

      • Further to my reply… here you have it Dan, right from the horse mouth!

        “The guy stopped on his bike and was arguing with one of our people, and he jumped off his bike and started pushing and punching the gentleman from our party,” said protester Tabitha McCarl. “They were rolling around on the ground.”

        “He’s got cuts on his face, his lip inside is bleeding. His mouth is bleeding. They were right on the ground.”
        END QUOTE.

          • That said, lots of foolishness to go around. There are often easy ways to de-escalate things. (also missed your first explanation, if the protestor initiated the bump, they themselves are also guilty of assault and would explain the lack of charges to either or if the bike person did they were looking for trouble)

            Either way fair enough explanation. I always like to hear as much of a story as possible. Thanks.

  4. The Dunning-Kruger effect strikes again.

    Question everything yes, but that comes with giving experts the benefit of the doubt and recognizing one’s own ignorance while not falling for confirmation bias.

  5. Wayne and Luc are no doubt CNN and CBC fans. Certainly there is a virus, it’s ok though for people who wish to exercise some form of push back…..

  6. Had I known I would have stood beside them.
    It has been proven masks don’t do anything besides restrict oxygen.
    We went back to being able to attend playgrounds and hubs. — these rules and regulations are not for our benefit and we need to start implementing new ideas to get rid of this virus or how to live with it. Masks and vaccines are NOT the answer but there is one. We just need them to admit its okay to have gotten it wrong. But lets figure out whats right together !

  7. And this is why we are still in lockdown!!!! Myself I’ll take the advice of the health officials, the professionals with half the alphabet following their name! Put your mask on and stay home,,, I personally saw this rally,,,, definitely fines should have been handed out given the new guidelines

    • The reason why we are still on lockdown is because our prime minister refuses to restrict international flights. Since Jan 1 2021 we’ve now had hundreds of infected international flights landing in Toronto. Many of them had NO isolation/quarantine requirements because they were deemed “essential foreign travelers”.
      You can’t stop the spread of a virus if you don’t stop the virus from entering Canada.
      How do you think all these variants arrived in Canada? Trudeau ignored that warning too.
      Better get used to lockdowns with Trudeau as PM. This is just the beginning.
      Other countries are nearly done with covid and Canada is still picking up speed.

      • Thank you Jean.
        I’ve noticed you are a very good EDUCATOR…

        Would you happen to know who is in charge of obtaining vaccines for all Canadians. Because, let’s be realistic here… if we had Vaccines, let’s say six months ago… then you stop the life of all Canadians and concentrate in vaccinating 200.000 Canadians a day, in forty (40) days you have most Canadians vaccinated and from then on… what they don’t talk anymore now, herd immunity.



        Well, that happens when you vote a politician for his nice hair… without reasoning that he has the head only to hold the hair… but no brain!

  8. If I had known, I would have joined them, people need to do their homework on this subject, and to not believe what is on mainstream media as gospel. And “NO” things aren’t going back to normal after vaccinations, you will still have to wear masks and social distancing etc.. Heart problems and cancer kills more people than covid, and they do nothing about those illnesses. Businesses cannot keep getting locked down, they will close!!! Those that agree with these restrictions have not been impacted in any way, financially, physically or mentally! It’s not that we don’t believe covid is real, the Gov’t restrictions on our rights and freedoms, their over reaching powers is something we all should be concerned about!

    • I would have been there as well Lisa; Very concerned that someone who according to an eye witness was bloodied up pretty good and attacked was not charged.

      • The ‘eye witness’ was a fellow protestor, so anything said should be taken with a grain of salt. From what is said on some of their signs, they are not the best and the brightest among us.
        I will leave it to the police to sort this out, but I doubt charges will be laid against the cyclist, since they didn’t give tickets out to the protestors who were assembled in too great a number to be legal under the covid restrictions.

    • “Businesses cannot keep getting locked down, they will close!!!”

      That’s the whole point of a lockdown! The sooner people follow the rules and stop looking for loopholes, the sooner we can get it under control. Protests and businesses ignoring the lockdown only extend it.

  9. The one individual in the picture has been involved in these protests did over a year including when similar orders were in place… apparently education is the only thing our police service knows how to do in this pandemic… maybe they should take an educational approach on speeders, and other laws, as last time I checked there’s a law in place that was broken, and officers aren’t being instructed by the police chief to use discretion on other charges… for his hardline approach on other crime apparently our public health is irrelevant

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