Protest leads to alleged assault

A protest behind Station Mall, April 18, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Although details are currently unclear, Sault Police Services responded to an alleged assault behind station mall.

According to a protestor, who identified himself as a retired police officer, an assault occurred and that is why officers could be seen taking names. He conceded it would be a good way to conduct contact tracing also.

The anti-mask protest, which was attended by approximately a dozen people, appeared to be peaceful when we arrived on scene.

The protestor who spoke with our organization said he was tired of the lockdowns and the emergency measures, he was also disappointed at the lack of support for the protestors.

Some vehicles drove by honking either in support or protest of the gathering.

There has been no comment from the police as to the incident at the time of publishing. Stay with SaultOnline as we bring you more information when it becomes available.



  1. …let me get this straight, half you here think we should fine people for protesting? So when the government takes away all our rights…then what?

    • Michael Robinson:
      Those in favor of giving fines to demonstrators belong to another site. They are here with an opinion to make us look bad.

      We believe in peaceful protest, holding signs and gathering always under the rules of masks and distance between different members of different households… but we promote demonstrations with members of the same household, then no one wears a mask… just because we noticed that enrage those little tyrants out there.

  2. Thank you Dan Gray for a job well done.
    You’ve given the protest a totally different prospective.
    That’s why I decided to get the news in this site…
    Even the weather is reported in a nicely manner here!

  3. People, not necessarily Canadians, any person in this land, has the right to protest peacefully…
    I support the people expressing their disagreement in a peaceful manner, and I support them 100%!

    I disagree with the reasons of their disagreement because I believe that keeping distance among individuals, washing hands, covering your mouth and nose and staying home will be of help at this point in the pandemic.

    Perhaps we all have to be “educated” a term I found extremely derogatory… but do you remember when you were educated…
    6′ or 2 meters distance between persons…
    Disinfect, wash, bleach, hand sanitizer, alcohol, blah blah…
    NO MASK… no masks are necessary… don’t use masks… and then our health system workers will not face a shortage of masks. Forget using n95 masks… those are reserved for, I can’t remember whom.


    Now, we don’t need 6′, neither 5′ nor 4’… just 2′ will do it!
    The virus is not transmitted on the surface of elements… then, disinfection is a thing of the past…
    And what about paper towels and toilet paper?

    EDUCATE is a relative (but very pejorative) expression…

    • You’re quite adept at twisting what was said/done. EVERYONE was learning with this virus, so of course advise will change, and it probably will some in the future.

      They asked us (at the beginning) not to buy up the supply of N95 because there was a shortage and we needed them for first responders and health workers.

      They still recommend sterilizing surfaces, (which is why you wash your hands by the way),
      though aerosol transmission is the main cause.

      I am not sure where you came up with the 2′ distance rule ?? I have never seen it and as far as I know it is still 6′ and always has been.

      Maybe I missed the point of your post ? Apologies if I did.

  4. A very poorly written article. Almost no information. You didn’t even attempt to come and speak to anybody participating in the protest. The ONE person you did speak to happened to be on your side of the street at the time. You didn’t even get the simple fact of what the protest was about correct. It wasn’t an anti mask protest. You didn’t bother to get enough information to even tell people that an ELDERLY protestor was beaten by some young punk riding by on a bicycle. Charges weren’t laid becuase the perp took off like the coward he is and police couldn’t find him to arrest him.
    By the way. The only “education” the police provided was to say, stay 6 feet apart and you can stay here as long as you want.
    Why even bother publishing this when you didn’t even make an effort to find out what was happening……

  5. What is wrong with these people you say, they have an immunity system, for a virus that has a 98% chance of surviving if you are healthy!!! Majority of deaths were the elderly and those with comorbidities!!! Never seen a virus, where healthy people were quarantined, the sick maybe!!!!

    • So basically you are saying pick 2 people out of every 100 and kill them ?

      …. and you obviously have never been in quarantine as a lockdown where you can shop and buy most of what you need is not. Inconvenience maybe, not quarantine.

    • That’s because you have the privilege of being born in this land we call Canada and you have never suffered under a police state.
      You may have to be EDUCATED as well.

      I’m no saying it for the sake of an argument, but rather to have you thinking that there is two sides to everything.

  6. Please do tell me what is the big deal about wearing a mask? Is it that much of an inconvenience or are these people just protesting just to protest. Are the 2000 people in hospital in Ontario just faking ; the 700 plus in ICU are they makebelieve as well. What is encouraging is that only 12 people showed up to protest. It shows you that our Covid numbers have been low because there is strong compliance in our city. Keep up the good work Sault Ste. Marie and no worries Doug Ford will soon reverse the foolish decision of banning all outdoor activitives and allow us to have somewhat of a decent summer outdoors .

  7. Aaahahahaha dumb dumbs..
    Poor parenting traumatizes kids. It only take a few minutes to sit down with your kid, and explain why everyone is wearing a mask

  8. So let me get this straight, an Ontario Provincial Police Officer was a protestor? So an OPP officer was engaged in illegal activity?

  9. Perhaps they’ll ticket them for contravening standing instructions regarding group sizes and mask wearing. That’ll send a message. It’s probably the reason for the low turnout.

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