Provenzano “Makes no excuses” when it comes to Jamestown


A passionate letter from a co-creator of the Facebook page Jamestown Strong received a strong and remorseful response from Mayor Christian Provenzano.

“I am writing this letter out of desperation, anger and frustration! I live on Albert Street West what some will call Jamestown,” said Shauna Wilson in the e-mail. “We are overwhelmed with drugs, crime and derelict properties! As I sit on my front steps with my granddaughter there is a steady stream of addicts walking from one drug house to the other!”

She continues to note that some carry weapons. She recounts three separate run-in’s that stand out to her.

“My husband has had a knife pulled on him when he confronted someone breaking into our vehicle and was pepper sprayed when someone broke into my mothers garage! My granddaughter was confronted by an addict totally strung out in our fenced in backyard!”

The troubles in the community have been well documented and the city has committed money to a revitalization plan for the area.

Mayor Provenzano responded to her concerns with an apologetic letter and a few steps he has taken because of it.

“I wanted to take the time to acknowledge your email and your frustration.  I understand it and I am sorry that we have not been able to effectively address the challenges that are affecting your neighborhood.  I am sorry for how those challenges are affecting your family,” said Provenzano. “I make no excuse and offer no rationalization. We need to do better than we have. I have copied senior staff from the City and from SSM Police Services so that they are also aware of your concerns and your frustration.”

Wilson created Jamestown Strong on Facebook as she feels she needed to become part of the solution.

“I love this neighborhood and it was breaking my heart to see what it was becoming,” said Wilson. “I couldn’t keep complaining about things if I wasn’t willing to do something about it!”

The group is brainstorming ideas how to help the area including signs with “Jamestown Strong” written on them. On April 17, 2021 they will be working to clean up the area.

If you want to participate you are being asked to meet at the park near the soup kitchen. Gloves and Bags will be provided.

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  1. His excuse is “there is no excuse”. Sounds mighty familiar.
    We’ll be glad to see him replaced by someone that genuinely cares about the city and ongoing matters like this instead of his own bottom line.

  2. Yes we have a huge problem in the Sault especially in the downtown area.
    Yes you can organize clean up crews to pick up after the Drug addicts, but all that does is mask the problem.
    The same people are being “Caught and Released daily” with Zero consequences and are going right back to the same neighborhoods to continue their Criminal Behavior.
    They need to fix the catch and release program now !

  3. And what can the city do realistically besides gentrification… which just moves the problem to a new area. The feds don’t want to jail these people, the province can open more addictions centers (which a good chunk of these people wouldn’t use)

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