Sault Michigan selects new Commissioner


Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan – Sault Commission both accepted the resignation of Abby Baker and filled her position last night during their regular meeting.

The first motion of the business agenda was to decide how the remaining commissioners were going to fill the vacancy.

There was a discussion about how best to go about achieving this goal.

The option for a special election was quickly dismissed by many of the commissioners as too expensive given how short the remaining term was.

The discussion then revolved around if they would accept an offer of a former commissioner, Ray Bauer or look for someone else to appoint or do an interview process.

Commissioner Twardy expressed interest in having Bauer come back. She referenced his letter offering his services to the commission, where he said he was not interested in running for the seat again.

“I think that it’s it was very kind of former commissioner Ray Bauer to say that he’s interested,” said Twardy. “I think, with everything that we have going on right now, and the way that we are actually doing our meetings, with a year and a half left in this term, I’m really looking forward to the community being able to choose the next Commissioner.”

Commissioner Talentino voted to go with appointing Bauer but it wasn’t the way he normally likes to fill vacant positions.

“I really like the people to decide, who is going to be representing them on the commission.”  that being said, as far as running a special election, I just don’t think we should spend the money right now looking at the current budget situation,” said Talentino. “Here’s a person that’s going to step right in, be able to, hit the ground with their feet running. I looked at myself being here a little over three years, I’m still learning stuff, every committee meeting every angle on what it takes to be a commissioner.”

Commissioner Miller also went along with the majority even though he asked about possibly giving it to the next runner up.

In the end it was decided to appoint Ray Bauer. He will be sworn in as the next Commissioner in time to participate in the next meeting.


  1. The same Ray Bauer, local businessman, who told my daughter that he did not have time for her when she was soliciting for funding for the local National Guard Soldier Christmas dinner a few years ago. Sorry, Ray, I don’t have time for you or your business.

  2. Good decision by the SSM Commission to appoint former Commissioner Ray Bauer. Congratulations to Mayor Gerrie and his colleagues for bringing Ray on board.

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