Sault Police explain actions at Bellevue Park

Images from the peaceful rally at Bellevue Park over the noon hour, April 30, 2021 (Dan Gray/

After hearing complaints from the public during our live broadcast as to why Sault Police Services were not breaking up the rally we reached out for an explanation.

Sault Police Services Communications Manager, Lincoln Louttit, responded via e-mail.

“Officers were on scene to ensure public safety and to ensure the gathering was peaceful in nature. Officers were also on scene investigating the illegal gathering. This investigation is ongoing and we anticipate provincial offence notices (fines,) under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA,) will be issued in the coming days as officers identify organizers and participants,” said Louttit.

“As a reminder, anyone found participating in a gathering that violates the EMCPA can face a minimum fine of $750 and anyone found organizing a gathering that violates the EMCPA can face a minimum fine of $10,000.”

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  1. Police should have broke up the rally, it’s not really about the fines. It’s about spreading covid. They should have stopped the rally so less possibility of spreading the virus. Those people should be charged criminally if they fail to comply.

  2. According to Public Health Ontario’s Epidemiological Summary, the Algoma Public Health region has had a COVID cumulative infection rate of 292.7 cases per 100,000 – that’s 0.3% – over more than a year! There is no reason whatsoever for prolonging this shutdown in our area. People need to be able to speak out about the loss of freedoms. Also masks have known risks to respiratory health and some disposables have been recalled due to the presence of graphene which can cause lung disease. In Quebec, for example, tens of thousands of kids and preteens were made to wear these graphene-containing masks all winter before they were recalled. Masks are doing more harm than good. Staying indoors and avoiding contacts with loved ones and friends is doing more harm than good.

  3. Wonder if they investigated and fined all those large gatherings in the GTA and Ottawa that our PM “took a knee in” while on inches away from many people during the last lockdown.
    Pick & choose I guess.

  4. Shocking that people have to defend the idea of having rights in this day and age. 96% of Ontarians who got the virus didn’t even need hospital care. Look at the raw data for yourselves rather than being spoon fed what to think

  5. Let them have their peaceful protest. Anyone that has shopped at Walmart or any grocery store has risked more than a crowd outside in a park. Society will be in big trouble when the freedom to protest is taken away.

  6. was there the days before, many people in the park walking, playing . some in larger groups. so if you are going to fine these people just because they are speaking truth against unjustified and illegal lock downs. then fine everyone else in the park as well

  7. People need to do their own research, and not believe everything they hear on MSM, maybe will open more eyes. Those that are for the lockdowns have not been impacted in any way financially, emotionally or mentally. Do your own research, is all I can say!!!!

    • I’m for the lockdowns and I’ve been impacted by them. Have you researched New Zealand and learned about why they’re doing so well. Or India and learned why they are in such a covid crisis right now.

  8. Morons, You would find more violations if you were out patrolling the Walmart or Timmies parking lots. This bunch spaced out as the rules dictate and now you all have nothing to whine about. As not a thing will come of any of this.

  9. I see a few children there in the pictures and videos. Perhaps in addition to the police Community and Child Services should be investigating as well.

    • So the “dregs of our city” will stand up for everyone’s rights and you mock them for it? What does that say about you?

    • I make over 100k a year and stood in support from noon until finished. It was a bunch of great people that want there lives back. The government isn’t there to tell me where or what I can do with my life

    • The irony is that they were protesting said illegal fines so we can start to have rights again in our country.
      15 present and former officers are challenging the constitutionality of shutting us down over a virus 96% of Ontarians who actually get the virus don’t require any hospital care for.
      Your fear of a weak virus has no right to dictate the fear of others

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