Sault Police explain why they didn’t name individual


Since releasing two stories yesterday, SaultOnline has been asked why Sault Police Services named seven individuals charged under the EMCPA, but not the separate individual who held a gathering on April 2, 2021.

SaultOnline reached out to Sault Police Services Communications Manager Lincoln Louttit for comment.

“Violations under the EMCPA are provincial offences, similar to a Highway Traffic Act (HTA) offence. We do not release the name of someone issued a HTA offence, such as being a suspended driver or speeding, unless they are also charged criminally, for example impaired driving,” said Louttit.

“The seven people who are referencing were charged criminally as a result of an investigation, while the one person issued a provincial offences notice (PON) for a gathering, was not charged criminally.”

The minimum fine, if convicted under the EMCPA for this charge is $750, according to their release yesterday.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services was not involved in the investigation of the Garden River gathering earlier this year, where individuals were named and charged. Algoma Public Health leaves enforcement to the local police services and in this case it was the Anishinabek Police Services who named persons involved and an address.

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  1. Dear Tee,,, please don’t call down SSMarie,, it’s my hometown and I don’t appreciate!

    Truth be told pics and videos were posted everywhere, most people know who the individuals are, so as far as being dragged through the mud,,, you’d have to look at the individuals for posting , accountability is something we should all have to live with.

    Like I said before publishing names could/ should be a huge deterrent for all,,not just them,,, everyone!! Follow the rules and we won’t have a problem, pretty simple to me!

  2. what do names matter to you people anyways ? so you can go on sault explicit groups and belittle them ? none of you want the name to avoid them to “stay healthy” its to run their name through the dirt. Get out of here you animals – 31 years and I finally understand why people call the sault, the zoo.

  3. That’s obviously a lie. A friend of mine slid thru an intersection on Bruce St., granted in 2012, and his name, age, and address appeared in SooToday. We still laugh about it today.

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