Sault Real Estate In High Demand


You may have received a hand written note left in your mail box asking if you would be interested in selling your house recently. The letters stem from out-of-city investors interested in snatching up properties all over town to accommodate buyers from southern Ontario.

Local realtors will tell you that it is currently a seller’s market with significant interest in the local housing market from those looking to get out of the major metropolitan cities by moving north to a better and more affordable lifestyle.

Houses are being sold within days of hitting the market, despite some sellers asking for prices above market value.

According to the Sault Real Estate Board, February seen sales increase by more than 65 per cent this year in comparison to 2020, while the average price of a home rose more than $40,000 to $218,000.


  1. We have been harrassed and pressured by a certain individual wanting to purchases houses in our neighbourhood. He has left 4 of these handwritten notes in our mailbox.
    When we called his number he admitted to being in Southern Ontario even though he is using a 705 area code.
    Receiving these unsolicited notes is similar to getting those continual suspicious phone calls.
    NOTE: This individual calls himself Ben Boileau.

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