Second privacy breach discovered at Algoma Public Health

Algoma Public Health

In a letter to affected individuals, Algoma Public Health admited to another information breach. This occurrence dated Feb. 19, 2021 involved children’s personal health information.

“On Feb 19, 2021, an Algoma Public Health staff member inadvertently CC’d an e-mail to the wrong recipient when communicating with another APH co-worker. The e-mail contained a list of client names which were being transferred to their caseload,” says the letter SaultOnline has obtained.

The letter also explained other details that were released to an outside agency, who once contacted by APH, confirmed the email was deleted.

SaultOnline reached out to Algoma Public Health for a statement in regards to this incident.

“We take our obligation to respect and maintain individual health privacy very seriously. Breaches of privacy, even when unintentional, should not happen, and I am very sorry to report that it did,” said Christina Luukkonen, Privacy Officer at Algoma Public Health.

“Anyone affected by a privacy breach is notified and the breach is reported to the appropriate authorities, including the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC). APH follows all reporting requirements as outlined by the IPC.”

Saultonline encourages you to contact your local authorities if you ever believe your private information has been compromised.


  1. Mistakes are made, if this was the first breach she’s made I hope she keeps her job. I know this is probably sickening for her too as well as those breached..

  2. Yes. In my sons case it was a breach of results of Covid testing from last year. Didn’t get a letter until 2 days ago to be notified of this breach, almost a year later. Fortunately no positive Covid test but instead diagnosed with a rare histio disease!

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