Small Saves by J. DeMarco

Small Saves

“It’s just a building”, anyonlooker may comment. It sits in abandoned quietness along a lonely stretch of road inSunrise, Florida. I would imagine many simply pass byit without so much as a glance. I hear that it’s been empty for years.

Time can be both a great friend and cruel ally. It can whisper in your ear when you least expect it.

“Do you remember…?” is what I heard when I sawthis photo… and it transportedme backto another time, another place. Oh, in all it’s glory, it was the place where I would tend goal while others enjoyed basking along the Florida beaches. Why sit under swaying palm treeswhen there was 200 feet of glorified ice to skate upon!

Under the light of the moon, I, along with every soul who loved the game of hockey, were drawn to this hallowed sanctuary.

There, we would play—skating to the other side of midnight. I close my eyes and see it all. The sounds, the faces. It’s funny… in the moment, you think, “this is the way it’ll always be.”

The landscape of life, however, changes ever so slightly.Chips of dust blow away without us even noticing. Then one day, you find that 30 years have come and gone, and the here and now has become the time of our lives.

Ask me what my goals-against average or record was during my stay. Of this, I have no idea.

Ah, but the memories of friendships and experiences–moments from decades past–can suddenly make you burst into laughter, chuckling alongside ghosts from long ago. This was the gift this once-majestic rink bestowed upon me.

What has this building taught me? Look around your rink. See your loved ones in the stands? Teammates in the locker room?It’s your time–your own personal “here and now.” Embrace and cherish the moments you’re now experiencing. They are indeed truly priceless.

Thank you, Sunrise. You’ve provided me a scrapbook for my soul and friends who’ve filled a lifetime.See everyone next week.