Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault and Sexual Interference

sexual assault

On April 7, 2021 officers with Investigation Services charged 73-year-old Mario Vallieres with sexual assault and sexual interference.

It’s alleged on February 12, 2021 the accused, while working as a supply teacher at Notre Dame du Sault with the Nouvelon Catholic School Board, sexually assaulted a student under the age of 16.

He was arrested on April 7, 2021 and charged with sexual assault and sexual interference. He is scheduled to appear in court on May 10, 2021.


  1. Good points John! Speaking as a previous student this had never happened to me and he was a great outstanding teacher. Old school strict but would never be an assault a student instead help others if they were willing to learn. There is two sides to each story and the fact they posted only the accused so called victim and not any facts or his side is totally bogus since it happened in a classroom. This seems far fetched and far from what I could see. This could destroy a person and a family when it could be totally false based on the interactions I had with him and many other students. I am so sad if this is found not true it should be trialed for the accusations he had to go through and

  2. I really think you should not be this assault when it was taken in a public classroom with multiple other students and speaking personally as he was my previous teacher and as a female he has never ever done anything to make me feel uncomfortable or sexual. He was a teacher that actually cared for his students but might have pissed off a few girls that he didn’t give them a good grade or Called them out for talking in class. So a teenage girl got mad about this. Felt embarrassed and the need to retaliate and ruin his life. This is sad. Even when he is proven innocent he will be always remembered and judged for this even if this is not proven true. What a sad world we live in that people tribe off scum news instead of real actual news. This is just gossip and life ruining for the whole family and people that had his as a teacher. Even Sudbury, Toronto and other bigger cities that have REAL news to talk about never ever post names. What a sick disgusting place the Sault media is and shows how little moral they have for their community and how they have nothing better to post

  3. Well Dan I hope you get falsely accused and have to go through the horrible PTSD and terrors from being put through the process. Then you would understand the consequences of the actions of publishing names before proven guilty… and sorry but many of the charges laid are baseless.

    Not saying in any way these are and clearly if this guy had a history then it’s an issue but people have the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty and with the media publishing the names of accused this simple charter right has been taken away…

  4. If you’re accused and charged with a crime it’s public record. If the charges were baseless they wouldn’t have gone through.

    If things were more transparent, people would be better informed, but we have publication bans every time something serious is being tried.

  5. Jhon I do get what your saying. But sometimes in these case it help other see that they are not alone and not the only one that it’s happen to. I can promise you, this men has been at this for the last 32 year. How many times dose this men have to move area so his name is not known. Wouldn’t you want to know if your kids where around that.

    • Actually in cases like this i believe it is imperative that the name does get released . Sorry John but before charges like this are laid there is an investigation and then the proof is brought to the crown to see what the likelihood of a conviction based on the evidence.. Yes there are some that do get found not guilty but the overwhelming majority are convicted. Sad that after reading an article like this that is the first thing that concerns you. Really.

  6. Ok, so I know im going to get a beating on here for saying this, and I am NOT saying that this guy is innocent or guilty, I don’t know him, know of him, etc. but here’s the thing. They need to change the legislation on releasing names for individuals who have been charged with an offence. The name should only be released once the person has been convicted, as in today’s society everyone is guilty in the public eye, regardless of being proven innocent when it hits the courts. Especially in this city, our police are very quick to charge people with limited to no facts, which results in the case being tossed out in court, or they like to file a bunch of charges, causing a significant cost for defence, and then the crown offers a summary offence with a discharge or something similar just to save the courts the time/costs of a trial. This is not justice, this is playing Russian roulette with a persons name, reputation, and life.

    Again, not defending this individual, not saying hes innocent or guilty, just saying the system has to change. It was one thing in the 90s when you saw it in the newspaper for a day then it was out of site, out of mind…. with everyone plastering these things all over social media non-stop, and all the horrid comments etc. it is impossible for people to recover from that regardless of their innocence if they are indeed innocent. Causes mental health issues, suicide attempts, and in some cases suicides. The analogy of stick and stones doesn’t hold true.

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