Three local area pharmacies to begin COVID-19 vaccinations


The province has announced that three pharmacies in the Algoma District will begin offering the AstraZeneca vaccine as early as April 3, 2021 in an effort to steadily increase capacity in its COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Two pharmacies in Sault Ste. Marie, the Loblaw Pharmacy located in Rome’s Your Independent Grocer at the north end of Cambrian Mall on Great Northern Road, as well as Pharmasave West End located at 658 Second Line West just past Goulais Avenue will soon be offering COVID-19 immunizations to eligible residents.

Shoppers Drug Mart located 220 Ontario Avenue in Elliot Lake will also be offering the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for the eastern area of the Algoma District.

“Ontario’s capacity to get needles in arms continues to grow by the day,” said Premier Doug Ford. “Thanks to the determination and commitment of members of Team Ontario we are ahead of schedule and administering more vaccines than all of the other provinces combined. We are ready to dramatically increase the number of vaccines we can administer once we receive a steady and reliable supply from the federal government.”

The province is also continuing to work with primary care professionals to offer vaccinations in primary care settings and community locations, such as physician offices and in collaboration with public health units. This initiative is expanding from locations in six public health unit regions to offering the vaccine in every region across the province covering all 34 public health units.

Additional pharmacies and primary care settings will continue to join and increase access points for vaccine across the province.


  1. I will take the first offered to me.

    If I am worried about how effective one is, I can always get another type once the supply stabilizes.

    11 million have been administered in the UK… 5 people had the clotting issues, pretty good odds.

  2. its easier to get because it doesnt need the extreme care that the mrna ones need and The limited life the mrna’s have require appointments made by phone and crashing websites and so make them harder to get. Millions of people in most other countries have gotten the astra zenica vaccine and overblown stories by our wonderfull media doesnt change that

    • Yup, it’s the media. That’s why countries in Europe have suspended its use, it was the medi causing all the blood clots.
      It also must have been the media causing life insurance companies to refuse covering anyone that experiences health issues due to the astra vaccine.

      • Well I know what makes one easier to get than the other and yes i think media is that influential and insurance companies refusing to pay out is nothing new.

        • This is the first time insurance companies aren’t covering anything from a vaccination. Why? Because none of these vaccines have actually been given approval, only an emergency distribution ok. Insurance companies are legally required to cover as per contractual obligations and these vaccines are legally still experimental vaccines with no proven track record or actual peer reviewed clinical trial

      • This is simply not true.
        Life insurance companies are not refusing to pay out IF you were to die of a vaccine…. More internet fake news.

        The vaccines ARE peer reviewed, many times.

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