TTC says it’s expanding service to avoid crowding on buses after social media posts


The Toronto Transit Commission says it will be adding buses to help avoid overcrowding.

The statement comes in response to photos of a packed 5 a.m. bus on Bloor Street West that circulated on social media Tuesday.

A spokesman says the public transit system has been using a demand-based service model during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says the TTC has had more scheduled bus service available in recent months than it did pre-pandemic.

The TTC says it has retrained more than 50 streetcar and subway operators to drive buses.

It’s also hiring new drivers, with 26 currently in training.

The TTC also says 95 per cent of all bus trips have fewer than 25 people on board — half a vehicle’s capacity.

The spokesman notes the TTC has 120 to 140 buses available each day to address unforeseen ridership spikes.