Unbearable situation – bear cub saved by local


Marty Rowe was showing a camp near Batchawana last week when he noticed the saddest thing, a bear cub, abandoned by it’s mother.

“While we were showing it this guy just happened to show up, or I happened to see him and I thought oh-oh, momma’s going to be around. So we went in to the camp for about 20 minutes waiting for momma to show up, she never did,” said Rowe. “Came back three days later to show the same cottage again and he was under the tree, when we saw him, he couldn’t lift his head, I thought he was dead.”

Rowe told SaultOnline he couldn’t in good conscience leave the cub behind so he brought it back to the city, then set out to find help for the bear.

After a bit of research he reached out to Bear With Us, a bear rescue out of Parry Sound founded in 1992 by Mike McIntosh.

“This bear is number 79 that we will have to release this summer,” said McIntosh. “This cub is 14-15 months old and was probably abandoned last fall during the hunting season.”

He said this bear would have went into hibernation, when it came out, the starvation would have started to occur.

This is the cub in question, he has now been taken in by the rescue organization. Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

Rowe said for the past week, with the guidance of McIntosh, he has been feeding the little guy through a turkey baster and in the process has was bitten twice.

“The first time he bit me, last week, I hardly felt it, last night however, I knew he had his strength back,” said Rowe.

McIntosh was impressed with the job Rowe did keeping the bear alive for the past week while organizing the transfer, which included initially feeding the bear 4 times a day.

“From what Marty told me, this bear was probably a few hours from being dead,” he said.

The bear will now get a vet check and put back on track to be released into the wild later this year. McIntosh says if you come across a cub in trouble, your first call should be to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Bear Reporting Line at 1-866-514-2327.

If you would like to donate to Bear With Us to help this bear and others which are rescued you can go to their website and donate.

SaultOnline plans to stay in touch with McIntosh throughout this cub’s recovery, with hopes to bring you good news when he is finally released.


  1. What a great news story. Thank you for taking action Marty Rowe! Thank you Mike McIntosh for taking in the little cub. (Bear With Us is an amazing and specialized service along with all the education they do— they were so maxed out with bears last fall that they were unable to take this little cub then. The mother bear was killed on the highway.) And thank you Sault Online for reporting on this story and following it. We all need some good news these days!

  2. Great story nature is sometimes cruel in its ways ,but thank you Marty for caring Hope the cub is ok and will survive with your help You are Tully blessed with good heart 😉🤗

  3. There were two cubs last fall on my doorstep, probably same, poor little guys. Bear with us was out last fall but obviously failed to site them.

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