Waasaanoonde Mawkoons & family’s healing walk across Ontario- a journey begins

Scarlet and family begin their healing journey across Ontario.

Scarlet Scott (spirit name Waasaanoonde Mawkoons) began her healing walk April 24th, 2021.  The morning started in ceremony, as the sun came up, to prepare for the long road ahead of them.  The smoke of the sacred fire danced in the morning breeze, and Scarlet’s good friend Dillon led a prayer for their journey.

Scarlet is making this journey with her spouse and four young sons.

Their healing walk started out of Serpent River this Saturday, where her spouse grew up.  They will be walking over 1400 kms over the next few months to reach their destination, Whitedog, Ontario, where Scarlet is from.  They will be passing through the Sault, their family home base for five years now, in a few days’ time.

Along the way, their family will be making offerings for those whose spirits are lost and wandering, and saying prayers for those who need healing.

Scarlet was guided to do this healing walk across Ontario for the families that have been hurt and those who are affected by historical trauma, and to raise awareness for MMIWG2S+.

“My biggest goal is to teach my children that even though some days the world seems

Scarlet in her jingle dress.

so dark, that we continue, hold on tightly to hope, and to love.  That no matter how much greed, hate, and jealousy comes into our paths, we carry ourselves in the light of the creator,”  Scarlet explains.

Scarlet crafted a beautiful jingle dress for her healing walk.  Each cone was hand-crafted and etched with a name. The dress was smudged and washed in ceremony to prepare for the long road ahead.

“This healing walk is not only for my family, but the future generations of youth and children.  Our Grandmothers, our Grandfathers.  Our aunts, our uncles.  All our relatives, two legged and four.  From the sky, to the water, to the land that our feet touch.  We are one,”  Scarlet shares.

A GoFundMe has been set up for donations to Scarlet and her family to help them along the way.

Much more to come on Scarlet and Family’s healing walk and their story.  Stay with SaultOnline as we follow this journey.


  1. Chi Miigwetch to you and your family, I will be watching for you when you pass through town and offer tobacco

  2. Scarlet is such an amazing Anishnaabe woman such an inspiration to all people, thank you Scarlet and your family.

  3. What a beautiful story of hope for us all, prayers to Scarlet and her little family so that they bring healing and awareness for her family and all who cross her path…

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