We have a supply issue, says Ford to Trudeau


While Trudeau has indicated that “we are extremely preoccupied with the situation in Ontario right now,” his offer of Red Cross support to administer vaccinations to help get numbers under control has been declined.  Premier Ford has been clear that the support required in Ontario has to do with needing an increased supply of available vaccines.

“While we appreciate the Prime Minister’s offer unless it is matched with an increase in supply, we do not need the Red Cross at this time for the administration of vaccines in Ontario,” said Doug Ford’s office in a statement.

As Ontario struggles to manage the ongoing impact of the third wave of COVID-19 along with the devastating effects of the variant strains, the pressure on our health system cannot be underestimated.

In a letter to all provinces and territories, the Ford government notes it is short thousands of nurses.  The deputy minister of health, Helen Angus, also asks whether her counterparts have any resources to spare.  Her letter says the pandemic has strained hospital capacity, particularly intensive care.  Angus estimates Ontario will be short 4,145 nurses in the hospital sector alone over the next four months.  The letter asks for another 620 health professionals, including nurses and respiratory therapists.

The possible deployment of health care professionals from other areas in the country would be focused on adding support to the crisis in the GTA and Southern Ontario.  The Federal Government has recognized that the situation in Southern Ontario continues to worsen and with the models that have been made public today, it is predicting very dire scenarios.  As the numbers continue to climb in the GTA and surrounding areas, shortages of health care professionals are adding considerable pressure to an already overburdened system.

Regarding tJust Trudeauhe shortfall of available vaccines, Trudeau indicates understanding of the challenges faced by the Province.

“On vaccination in particular, Ontario has reached out for more support,” said Trudeau. “… This is about getting doses to people where the situation is the most serious.”

This acknowledgement comes on the heels of the announcement by Moderna that supply would be slashed in half through the end of April, citing a “slower than anticipated ramp-up of its production capacity”.  The Federal government has responded to this news with a release indicating Canada has secured 8 million doses from Pfizer.

–with files from 680 News, CTVnews.ca



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  1. Mr. Ford, you better go head on and scream bloody murder to Mr. Trudeau.
    He must step out of the cottage basement with the truth and tell Canadians why there are no VACCINES.
    Stop telling people that in Soo Michigan there are 50 cover cases more than in Soo Ontario and tell the people the honest truth, USA ADMINISTERED TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOSIS OF VACCINES AS OF TODAY.

    Canada didn’t even have the Vaccines in the Country and it’s subject to Mr. Pee Wee walking out of the cottage basement, to tell lies.

    Mr. Ford, go head on and scream the truth to everyone in this country, or you gonna end in the same hole than Junior!

  2. Trudeau, and several others, have openly stated that the vaccine will not stop anyone from getting covid, transmitting covid or carrying covid. So why is everyone losing their minds over the vaccine?
    Have you not noticed that many other countries were out of lockdowns and almost entirely back to normal with very few new cases even before vaccines were available?
    Canada is far behind other developing countries and I’m starting to believe this is by design.

  3. The ONLY Reason that we have a Slow and Low Supply of Vaccines is the Incompetent Joke of a PM – Justin Trudeau, and his Corrupt Stupid Liberal Sheeple. Trudeau is a Communist and like Communists, he does not care about Canadians. He ONLY cares about our Tax Dollars and his Agenda to turn this Once Beautiful, Free Country into a Communist Country. We Must not forget that China is his favourite Country. Let’s Hope and Pray that Trudeau and his Sheeple are GONE Very Soon, NEVER be Seen Again!

  4. The actual issue was the discontinuation of vaccine creation in Canada. Mulroney got rid of it and everyone after had no interest in bringing it back. If anything the feds need to get together with researchers from universities and try to get a new facility up and running.

    • Jack how is that related to supply? There is no vaccine to administer! The healthcare system would be in better shape if we had the VACCINE!

      • The selling off of our ability to manufacture vaccines is the cause of our current issues with supply. Talk to Mr. Harper about that.
        The vaccine manufacturing countries will always put their own citizens first.

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