“When we share our truths, we give each other strength.”


Waasaanoonde Mawkoons and her family are on their fourth day of walking. Scarlet says her jingle dress is getting heavier as the rain falls today, but this hasn’t dampened their spirits.

At the end of the day yesterday, Scarlet and her family stopped for a break near Old Woman Island, listening to the land and allowing time for recovery and rest.

“Spirit said to slow down, so I did. We stayed in this spot for a little over an hour. Sang songs to the water and to Old Woman Island,” Scarlet shared in a Facebook post.

“I watched my little men run around all over the place, admiring the water flow, the tall trees, we were even visited by a survivor, who gave the warmest hug and gave some gifts. But I think the most powerful gift she gave was sharing her story. She said that she admires what we are doing but honestly, my heart and spirit admired her for the strength she had in her words, her truth, because that is never easy to share. When we share our truths we give each other strength.”

As Scarlet and her family travel across the North Shore and move towards Sault Ste Marie, the community is encouraged to show their support.  Local jingle dress dancers and drummers are invited to join in and show support, however they feel inclined to safely participate.  This could be joining the family for a stretch of their walk, making signs, offering medicines, prayers, songs and dances as they pass through.

“Tomorrow is another day. Although we are behind schedule, I think it’s important to take our time and enjoy this time together as a family.”

Scarlet is on track to reach Thessalon First Nation by the end of the day.  If you see Scarlet passing through, please offer some kind words, or a warm bowl of soup in support.  If you’re looking to support but cannot meet them along the way, consider donating to their GoFundMe as they continue their healing journey across Ontario.