705 Sports with Jacob and Colette featuring Dan Gray


We had another very busy week this week in sports. I bring ONN TV’s own Dan Gray on the show today as a birthday gift to him.

In the first segment, we start with some iffy comments by Hockey Night in Canada host Ron Maclean. We take a deeper look into the whole situation and talk about what’s next for CBC, Sportsnet, and the NHL. After that, we look at the situation for Oilers Defesnman Ethan Bear. I do get very heated about this topic so buckle your seatbelts.

In the second segment, we look at the teams that went out in the playoffs in the first round. We go over what went wrong and talk about what teams may do next year to fix these issues. We also talk about what other teams did right to get past the first round and move forward in the playoffs.

In the Third segment, We talk about what happened to the Leafs and how they lost that game in overtime. We also take a very close look at the game-winning goal and talk about what went wrong for Toronto. After we both have a little cry we go over the games over the weekend.

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