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It has been a few months since I have taken to this forum to share a little bit more about the person who brings you the news.  Tonight, and on the precipice of my 39th Birthday, I thought I might share a little more.

Three weeks ago, I made a decision to finally battle a demon I have fought for nearly 20 years on and off, my weight.

It’s not an easy thing to do, I have tried in the past to fight this issue which has followed me around. There are pre-existing conditions in my family, that as I age, I realize I’m more at risk of… It didn’t hit me before, but it did a few weeks back. In a round-about way I can thank the pandemic for the kick in the butt.

You see, when APH puts out a notice that people above a certain BMI can get a vaccine because they are considered high-risk of contracting COVID-19, regardless of your stance on the virus, a person like me starts calculating, originally for my readers.

What hit me like a ton-of-bricks, was that I qualified, ahead of many other deserving people in this community, because I had chosen, for a lot of reasons, not to take care of myself.

So, if you are with me this far, thanks for sticking around.

What I’m doing about it,

I have joined NOOM.  I know, it seems like at first glance, an overpriced solution to a problem, but things I have tried in the past haven’t worked, and I know two people who have used this program to lose over 100 pounds combined.

I picked up a FitBit, started walking, and have logged 72 km’s in three weeks, and still counting.

I am learning to meditate.  If there is anyone out there with tips, hit me up!

I do, believe it or not, try and get some much needed sleep, although usually not at the cost of a breaking news story.

What I have also learned is the people around you are what matters most on this journey.

My family is supportive from over 700 km’s away.  My co-workers are also amazing at being there and holding me accountable.  The few people in the community that I have shared this with are there for me too.

If anyone, at this point, is wondering how can you help?  I’m writing this to keep myself accountable.  This is a permanent record of what I’m attempting to do, and 65 pounds seems a long way to go.  And so, readers, if you are trying to accomplish weight loss too, reach out, let’s support each other.  From what I am learning and experiencing, community goes a long way to provide much needed support.

If you want to talk to me about city issues, lets meet and go for a walk. If you see me out and about, feel free to say “hi” and talk to me about what you want to know.

Finally, if you don’t see me write about my progress, and possibly, in time, post pictures on my various social media outlets and here, say something.

Stay with me, while I work to document this journey and hopefully inspire others in our community to do the same.


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