Another set of lights to be activated

Vehicles block this soon to be activated intersection early last week ( Dan Gray/

In the never ending traffic headache which is known as Great Northern Road, a decision as been made to activate another set of lights next week.

These lights are located approximately 150 meters or 7 transport truck lengths north of the lights at Great Northern Road and Second Line.

The lights will service individuals leaving the Walmart plaza on the east side or leaving what will be an Royal Bank, Pino’s and other business’s which are being built on the west side.

The lights will be activated June 1, 2021 with anticipated opening of Royal Bank being July 1,2021, and the plaza at a future date.

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  1. In addition to all the valid concerns is the timing – third line is now closed at black road – nearly all east end commuters headed to/from work (hospital, industrial park, auto sales, etc) will have to go through these lights. What’s the rationale for activating them now!

  2. THIS IS JUST REDICULUS THAT COUNSEL APPROVED THIS. The busiest section of road in the city and they put up another stop light. IMBECILES!!!I GUEST ITS WHO YOU BLOW!!!!

  3. You know I gotta ask…How does this stuff happen, like who let’s it. There’s no way anyone who’s ever driven that stretch thinks this is in any way even close to a good idea so again how did it pass???? Was it voted at council or something?

  4. traffic is gonna double thru the walmart parking lot and the home depot and the big boxes to avoid this mess. What incompetence, and the sausages are way better at the Metro.

  5. We opened the doors to big boxes 20 years ago, retail, hospital and schools killing downtown and other small local operators in the process. Now we pay to try and revitalize downtown, create new roads like Pine extension, Third Line and widening of Black Road when we struggle to maintain our existing roads. Then because local neighbourhood shops have closed we need to drive to go to school, shop and access health care and need to deal with traffic congestion. Forty years ago we had over 80k people here and way less traffic. We need to stop big box development if we want to resolve our traffic woes.

  6. With today’s technology, there is no way at 6 in morning no traffic and the lights at 3rd line, hospital are not synced, then the next two lights, something needs to be done, if the lights are red at new location and second line is clogged it’s going to be a nightmare. Again someone likes it on paper and in the real world will be something different. I hope no one gets hurt.

  7. Consider this: A trucker travelling east to west…14 sets of lights,,,4 90degree turns and 2 sets of rail tracks…15 sets if lights west to east…….WHERE IS THE BYPASS?

  8. Why couldn’t this traffic be fed onto Industrial Park and from there they can go left around the corner to the lights to make a left up GNR, heading north or they could have turned right and then right onto GNR again, going south. It’s not rocket science people…

    • We’ll see how long it takes for the first fatal accident.
      You can’t complicate transit on the Trans Canada without paying a price for it.
      Lives are going to be lost around those lights.
      A big rig has four mandatory stops, line changing and 90 degrees turn in four, five hundred yards, coming from open highway to city transit in less than blocks, because just North of the light to access or exit the hospital and the OPP Station is racoons, fox and moose territory.
      I wish we had a solution for everyones demands, but what they are planning here is a recipe for disaster… other than if someone is waiting on the wings to make a truckload of money selling few lots to the city in order to implement a bypass.
      As they said, follow the money.

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