Body Discovered In Dumpster Fire (Latest Information)


On May 28, 2021 around 3:30 a.m. police attended the scene of a dumpster fire in the 200 block of Northern Avenue.

Upon arrival, the body of an unidentified female was discovered deceased in the dumpster. Sault Ste. Marie Police and Sault Fire Services are investigating. The Ontario Fire Marshall has been notified and will be attending. Further information will be released as it becomes available.

The investigation is ongoing, however the fire is not criminal in nature.

Police are assisting the Coroner’s Office as well as the Ontario Fire Marshall to determine the mechanisms of the fire.

Anyone with information about this incident, or who may have video surveillance of the area please to contact Sault Ste. Marie Police at 705-949-6300.



  1. I don’t know if I missed something….. but, I am not understanding how this is not considered criminal in nature… did the woman get in dumpster and set herself on fire.

  2. We all must remember that Trudeau says we have a Feminist Government, whatever that means.He is not smart enough to realize what his soft on crime laws do,or better yet,don’t do.

      • Trudeau’s soft on crime legislation such as bill c-75 is directly relevant since its impact is causing an increase in serious crime here such as a body being burnt in a dumpster.
        TIme after time the names of these criminals are known repeat offenders whose crime careers are being facilitated by things like bill c-75.

  3. Sault police headline reads “police respond to dumpster fire”. Should it not read “police respond to body burned in dumpster”? No matter which way the city tries to sugarcoat everything it’s not working, we are not stupid. The city thinks this reflects negatively on people who may want to move here ha ha I think telling the truth and painting the picture exactly as it is is the best. Thank you Dan Gray for keeping the headline real.

  4. This goes beyond the typical high unemployment and lack of opportunity issues. This is about a core group of people who are drug abusers and criminals and have no desire to participate in mainstream culture. People will be sadly disappointed when the proposed new treatment withdrawal clinic fails to address the problems of crime and addiction because people do not realize that those who make up this subculture refuse to change. Bill C-75 has exasperated these problems and the rapid rise in crime can and should be laid at the feet of the Liberal Party. We should all demand that our current MP Terry Sheehan demand that his party make the necessary changes by repealing Bill C-75 and strengthen laws that prevent prostitutes, petty thieves, drug addicts and vandals from terrorizing our streets as they do now with impunity. There can be no economic opportunity without security.

  5. I have just moved back to the Soo after 30 years…and I came from a larger populated area .The drug problem here is evident…and it seems Our Police do not have any handle on the situation…their present in the very shady areas of town is needed to be seen…just lately in the middle of the afternoon there was this girl butt naked in the middle of the street, wandering around in circles…this is not the norm…the young and old are dropping dead like flies of overdoses, murder. Now people being burnt in dumpsters…We need Police presents in these areas. More cameras, more raids more surveillance, more treatment available with easy access for the addicts to get help.. its time to clean up this city…We have big city problems in a small city….

  6. I lived in Thunder Bay for years and you are delusional if you think the Sault is worse for crime and drugs. Thunder Bay has a record amount of years where it was classified the crime capital of Canada. But in order to justify your move I’m assuming you need reasons whether true or not to make your move. Good luck living in Southern Ontario with all the problems both social, crime and environmental.

    • Typical Soo response tactic of deflection and denial. There’s no comparison to Thunder Bay in that statement only saying they experienced living in the north there.
      The comparison obviously is with a rural southern Ontario town. People here seem to think Toronto is what southern Ontario is but guess what, there are many open rural spaces and green areas with an even cleaner environment than Sault Ste Marie. Why do you think the Soo has some of the highest cancer rates in the province if not country?

    • Sounds to me like Reality has done some homework and found a better environment for a family.
      If other cities are so much worse than the soo then why has the soo’s population been on continuous decline and the city dying while other cities have a growing population? That speaks volumes.

      • Firstly Reality stated he was from Thunderbay where the stats he referenced are probably the worst in Canada, yet he is quick to attack Sault Ste. Marie. Secondly our population is actually increasing after years of decrease. This decrease had little to do with crime and all to do with economics and the job situation. No doubt we have our problems but these problems are now typical with any city including the ones in Southern Ontario Reality stated he was relocating to. By the way Reality, i also have run a business in this city for 32 years and also raised a family and i am not looking to relocate as i and my family are quite content here. . That must also speak volumes.

  7. I moved here over 20 years ago because I fell for tourism SSM’s marketing. After university in Thunder Bay living in the north was appealing.
    Shortly after moving here, my eyes were opened. Never had I experienced such crime. Unemployment, underemployment, lack of services, drugs, lack of programs for kids, cult-like cliques. The good fishing kept me going until I recently learned about the toxicity of many areas here – not even the smelt are considered safe to eat.
    Since that eye opening the city has even deteriorated further. SSM is rising the charts every year with the ‘most dangerous cities in Canada to live’ list as well as some of the highest overdose rates in the country.
    Enough is enough. I’m moving my business here and the family to a rural town down south. Lower tax rate, far lower crime, better economy and much fewer drugs (not to forget better medical services).
    Maybe if SSM had better leadership. The nepotism, cronyism and outright bullying are ensuring this city is sustaining inept leadership.

    • Sault Ste. Marie is like a city on a different planet than it used to be. Crime, hate, drugs, mental basket cases, violence are out of control. Now the murders are picking up. The government has to start handing out sentences that fit the crimes instead of charging and releasing the same people dozens of times to carry on with their crime sprees.

      • Unfortunately Trudeau’s soft on crime legislation and removing mandatory minimum sentences destroys small towns like this one.A recipe for disaster.

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