Build Pallet-Art and End Homelessness with Pauline’s Place

Paulines Place Pallet Build-Off

Even though a lot of Canadians understand homelessness, only a few choose to address it. It can affect any age or gender. It is often seen that people facing homelessness either don’t have resources or don’t know where to ask for help. The only thing required at that point is being able to locate help in one’s own community.

Pauline’s Place Non-Profit Homes Inc. is organizing their 4th Annual Pallet Build-off, a community event to emphasize the alarming rate at which homelessness is spreading in our community and raise funds to support Pauline’s Place’s day-to-day operations. Anything and everything that Pauline’s Place does is to make the community a better place to live, where everybody gets to feel safe under a roof.

Paulines Place Pallet Build-OffThe event will kick-off on May 28, 2021 when teams of 3-5 could start registering for the competition. Next thing on the list would be gathering pallets to suit their needs and designs. Participating teams could either pick them up at Pauline’s Place or acquire their own.

Teams get more than 2 months to finish building their pallet pieces. In the meanwhile, Pauline’s Place will make sure the teams feel involved and motivated, reminding them of the cause that we all are a part of.

On August 3, the finished projects will be picked up and brought to Pauline’s Place where they will be judged and winners will be announced, followed by a week of online silent auction on their website and social media. To register, visit their website or social media.