CHAAT responds to new treatment centre announced for the Sault


Today’s announcement from the ministers was good news for Sault Ste. Marie. It is a first step of many to bring the resources that the community needs”, says CHAAT Chairperson Paul Hergott.

“We need a comprehensive plan for addiction management in this city”, says Dr. Pail Heregott, CHAAT Chairperson. I’ve spoken to Mr. Romano about that and it was my understanding that there was also going to be some funding announced to cover that.”

“The existing clinics run by the hospital, the RAM clinic needs more funding, it has to bring its wait times down. The East street clinic needs more funding. The neighborhood bus that is being run is a great concept, but right now, funding only allows it to operate for about three hours a day. It also needs to operate at the critical times, which is after midnight. We need more funding for the resources.”

“We also have to look at follow-up. When people come back from treatment, they need ongoing care. We need to look at prevention and treatment, treating people for their traumas and juvenile addicts before they get sick,” says Hergott.

“So today, yes, it was a good day. We got some money, but we need a lot of resources to create the comprehensive plan that CHAAT wants to see in Sault Ste Marie. As we said right from the beginning, our care has been in silos and we need to coordinate it, but all of the groups need more funding.”