Community Focus – A daylight walk through Jamestown

Construction has started on the park in Jamestown, May 12, 2021. (Dan Gray/

According to our weather specialist Craig, it is going to be a beautiful week for a walk, so I took up an offer from a local resident to tour Jamestown and see it from the eyes of someone who lives there.

As we walked west from the Spadoni’s parking lot, the resident (name withheld to protect their safety) spoke of the issues he sees in the community. They noted there are multiple locations in the area which are known to be frequented by drug dealers, not being dealt with by the police.

The construction of the new park which the Soup Kitchen helped donate to has started, but many in the community aren’t sure that is what is going to help the area.

We talked of efforts to get a community watch program going, starting with a gathering of vehicles to just drive through the community to bring awareness to the issues.

A chance encounter with and Ontario Provincial Police K-9 unit doing a slow patrol of the streets was a welcomed sight for my escort, he noted they don’t see many officers down there, from any department.

While walking we were cautious of our surroundings but I’m happy to report, during our whole time out, we didn’t see one stray needle or anyone completely strung out-of-their mind, both traditionally associated with the area.

My walking partner hopes the new Jamestown Strong Facebook group ends up helping the community and changing, over time, people’s perspective.

“A lot of good people live here,” said my tour guide.

Unfortunately all just get painted with the wrong brush.

My takeaway from the mid-day walk, don’t be afraid of the area, albeit I was cautious, I would do it again.

Watch for my story when I do a tour of the area after dark, coming soon.


  1. It’s too bad this story has such a negative tone when there many positive things that could have been written about this neighbourhood.

  2. There’s a lot of things not being dealt with by the police around the city. Not just in Jamestown. We should be served and protected by the police. A visible presence would be good, foot patrols in problem areas, oh and responding to calls would be good too.

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