Greyhound Bus Service to End in the Sault and the Rest of the Country


A long time national bus service is shutting down. Greyhound Canada announced today that it is cutting all bus routes across the country and shutting down the rest of their inter city service permanently.

The bus company said it will end its remaining routes in Ontario and Quebec effective tomorrow (Thursday).

Its American affiliate, Greyhound Lines, Inc., will continue to operate cross-border routes to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver once the border reopens.

The decision comes a year after Greyhound Canada temporarily suspended all service due to a sharp decline in passengers and mounting travel restrictions amid the first wave of COVID-19. It now says the reduction in ridership over the years along with increased competition and deregulation has led to its demise.

Greyhound operates in Sault Ste. Marie out of a depot on Trunk Road at the Howard Johnson.

The complete loss of so-called farebox revenue during the pandemic has forced the company to permanently cease operations, said Greyhound Canada senior vice-president Stuart Kendrick.

“It’s been a very tough decision and one we’ve taken with a heavy heart,” he told The Canadian Press in an interview. “It’s been a lifeline for many Canadians for more than 90 years. This will have a massive impact.”

The decision is a blow to rural and remote areas that rely on a patchwork of private intercity bus companies for transportation.




  1. Lol Greyhound hasn’t been here in years, Ontario Northland runs out of the depot on trunk at the Howard Johnson.
    It covers more of northern Ontario the Greyhound ever did….all the way to Winnipeg.

    Always found it amusing that Greyhound cut their service in half, the blamed declining ridership by 50%
    If you have 2 packed bus routes and cut 1 yeah… lose 50% of your revenue.

  2. Much like the train to Hearst hemorrhaging millions in red ink, a huge money loser that companies are not willing to go broke over. You can’t blame them. The country is far from what it used to be.

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