Happy Birthday Grampa Andy!


May 1, 1948, my grandfather Andrew Fredrick Clark was born, and he has not sat still ever since.

My Grampa Andy always has multiple projects on the go.  As an ironworker of over 50 years, he has mastered his craft, building everything from the houses he’s lived in, to the boats he roams the Island waterways with. His creations can be seen all over Richard’s Landing.

My Grandpa Andy turns 74 years young today.  He is the hardest working person I know and always he has wisdom and a story to share.

I spent five years through University, travelling from Toronto back home to St. Joseph Island, every few weeks, to talk and gather my grandfather’s stories.  After I graduated, I moved back to St. Joseph Island to further connect and learn from my Grandfather.  The five years of research came together as a short documentary on my grandfather’s life.

Bonding over our love of documentaries, history, and 1969 rock hits, we talk about every other day, catching up on whatever projects he’s working on, and giving me tips for stories I should look at.

Happy birthday Grampa Andy! We all love you.