History of the Sault – Garson’s Hill

A local resident enjoy's tobogganing at the bottom of Garson's Hill (Stock Photo)

If you are new to Sault Ste. Marie then you may not know some of the local lingo.

A trip north on Peoples Road, past Second Line West and a left on Elliott Road will take you to Garson’s hill, now a part of Elliott sports park.

Kids spend their days in the winter much like they have for generations, going hell bent for leather, down the hill on anything that slides.

To locals the name Garson’s hill comes with its own memories not just of the hill but of the people who owned the land.

John and Helen Garson owned the land according to their Great Granddaughter Marcy St. John in response to a Facebook post inquiring about the land.

Jarod Madhill remembers a winter day when he was a child.

“I was just a kid when sledding on Garsons hill and slid into the creek,” said Madhill. “Soaking wet they took me up to the farmhouse and Mrs  Garson got me warm gave me some dry clothes and took me home. Some memories really are special.”

Suzanne Poulin spent lots of time there growing up too.

“Many fond winter memories on that hill. In the summer we’d walk the tracks and go to the trestle for exploring and on a hot day a quick swim. Those were the times to be a kid,” said Poulin.

Community members recall fishing for speckled trout, swimming and many other activities around that hill growing up.

In order to bring more people to the hill the city has now installed a big blue chair as part of a project getting people to enjoy the city.

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  1. I grew up on Garson’s Hill. The East Davignon River gave my family a freezer full of speckled trout on an annual basis. Infact the best fishing holes were actually between the trestle and Rossmore Road but you could not go in there as the dogs would usually chase you out. I have filled my packsack as a kid many times fishing from there right up to what is now the par 3 scenic hole of crimson ridge. I am wondering how many people remember the rope ski tow which was situated right beside what is now the soccer field at Garson’s hill. Back in those days when we had no money the ski hill was a daily gathering place in the winter were kids could really have fun at no cost. Great memories indeed.

  2. Remember Garson’s Hill well, caught my first speckled trout at the trussel as a 10 year old. Friends and myself from Buckley use to be there a lot in the summer, at times got a bit too close to the cattle ha. Didn’t slide much in the winter as we spent countless hours on David Kyle rink. Great memories. Ron.

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