Letter: Response to Millroy Column “You Can’t Fix Stupid”


“You Can’t Fix Stupid” That is the headline Of Mr. Millroy’s opinion piece with SaultOnline.com April 27th .

After reading the piece I was kind of surprised by more than just a few of the opinions he had on “Those People” you know the anti-maskers and anti-vaccine ones. He goes as far as to point out that reports in concerns to them makes him think “You can’t fix stupid”. Then he relates those not wearing a mask (by the way I myself have only encountered 4 times since they were mandated for public indoor use in the Sault and 2 of those where related to medical exemptions.) using their freedom do so as disrespect to us all.

I wear as mask as I’m sure many others do only because of the mandate but I also believe and will not question ones freedom to not do so. If I am concerned I follow the 6ft social distant rule. The Freedoms we enjoy came with a heavy price  as we remember every November 11th. So why some want others to give them up so quick after such a sacrifice is mind boggling to me.

He makes a good point people with less colds and the flu be it the mask or not but I believe more so to the less human contact. But I am worried after the Grand Reopening that both will be back with a vengeance. Hiding in our basements may come with a price.

Now the anti-vaccine topic. I for one despise this description for people who plan not to or are concerned about taking the vaccine. Mr. Millroy seems to find it hard to understand why….he goes on to say it shouldn’t be fear as most of us have all be vaccinated for Polio ,Chicken Pox, etc. etc. What he forgot to mention was these vaccines took years and years to develop and perfect. The Covid vaccine what around a year? So why would one have to wonder why people are so reluctant to jump in feet first and get vaccinated. No one I mean no one knows what side effects may or may not happen. Quit forcing a guilt trip on people who may be taking a step back to see what happens it’s their business not mine or anyone else’s.

He seems not to understand why people think masking and taking a vaccine are infringements on their rights and freedoms and compares this to things imposed on us for the populace safety. No shirt no service is like taking a vaccine huh who knew. Well here’s my opinion on that. Masking is not agreed on by all scientists. I know it’s hard to believe but look hard on the internet and you’ll find some well educated ones who disagree with the “science “. You will not find them on any main stream media site why I do not know. The vaccine well that’s another story. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms … enough said.

Moving along we’re close to the end….THE VACCINE PROOF and PASSPORTs. Mr. Millroy quotes a writer from the Washington Post which more or less thinks that non-vaccinated people need to pay a price for exercising their rights. They should be punished . So for many that did their part… that means after over a year of following all the rules, masking, social distancing, lockdowns ,paying a price for Governments failures on protecting our borders did not do enough. Mr. Millroy agrees. Not getting vaccinated is reckless behavior well Mister Millroy that’s like slapping millions in the face for doing their part for over a year. That’s my opinion.

The end is near…Mister Millroy ends his opinion piece with mentioning the protest over the mask mandate and the small turnout. Maybe so and be it right or wrong but in Montreal Saturday there were over 30,000 people out protesting lockdowns and such. This may turn out to be a very hot summer if the status quo continues. There is many a town in Ontario locked down with not a single case of the virus…so when is enough… enough ???

Remember we may not agree on all.  But attacking  and trying to destroy peoples lives for their beliefs or who they associate with or hiding behind curtains and turning neighbors in for a few more people in their backyards I can guarantee will not cure Covid. The one thing it could do though is push people farther and farther apart and that’s the last thing anyone needs more of right now.

Richard Desbiens

Stay safe.

The end.


  1. Thousands of Respected Doctors, Scientists signed the Great Barrington Declaration. And Hundreds manybe thousands more all agree on a Targeted Measures Approach /Plan. Where Protection/treatments/ care is focused on the most vulnerable / elderly that may be more frail. And end the massive destructive lock downs, and allow children and adults get back to life with some common sense precautionary measures.

  2. If your watching CNN CBC etc etc then yes lockdown stay at home orders will likely last forever. Also Doug is an ok guy, and very much left, Washington Post New York Times etc. Should tell one something about the article. Have to be careful what the 92 percent Liberal owned media are feeding millions. Ron.

  3. I’d managed to obtain an appointment to have the Civid19 vaccine and that’s the only thing that matters.
    I’m grateful that we are in Canada and I’d never expected to have all my problems solved just landing here.
    I think we have all what we need for a safe and happy life, probably we all are missing something we would like to have, but hey, no one promised a perfect life.

    For those with questions about the vaccines, you have to think out the box… Corona virus or Sars is probably older than humans and the problem is not the virus, but the reaction of the human inmune system to the presence of the virus. Proof is that no all of us react in the same way when the virus is present.
    Science is in constant evolution and the inmune deficiencies are one big part of the investigations and the findings to solve it, I understand that the basic recipe is there and the scientists just can touch up and do some adjustments to come out with a vaccine.
    I will get vaccinated and I will follow the rules as the Government said we should do, but I’m forcing anything on you but you’ll be facing a new world from now on.
    And if you insist, remember…
    Resistance is futile.

  4. Maybe his tone lumped together all degrees of discontent but his point is no less wrong.

    There’s nothing wrong with opposing the lockdowns provided you can provide a viable alternative other than “let people get infected, it’s harmless.” Problem is, reasonable ideas like “only close down the bad places” tends to backfire, because those selfish people will travel to be avoid the lockdown (– see what happened to Sudbury). Or look at the nail salon in Kingston that disregarded all the safety rules and boom 80 person outbreak from one little small business.

    My personal beef is that these would be unnecessary but the government did nothing to prevent international travel and even now, people can bypass quarantine and just be sent the fine. We had an international traveler in North Bay bring in the UK variant. So the north is not immune to foolish people.

    As for masks, do you complain about your rights when someone asks you to cover your mouth when you sneeze? Do you ask old man winter not to give you frostbite because you have a “medical exemption” for putting a cloth scarf over your mouth?

    These aren’t rational people. These are people that spam post misinformation that they take as gospel without critically analyzing what they’re reading.

  5. Just got my appointment for my Covid shot…Wasn’t too worried about it because I try and practice all the other safety ideas.. I socially distance, wear my mask while in close contact with others where distancing isn’t possible. I have a breathing problem because of a poorly functioning, heart but I wear the mask when it’s needed.. What Mr Fielding seems to forget is that yes, it took years for some of the everyday vaccines we now have to be developed, but we didn’t have the computer back in those days.. There was no instant access to information from all over the world to help in the research and testing… I, for one agree with Milroy…. You can’t fix stupid !!! Maybe we should be looking for a vaccine to clear up that problem, because it seems to be world-wide every day…

  6. Mr. Millroy, you’d call them stupid, here you have it… right from the horse’s mouth!
    Burn the bridge and close the door, cause they’ll keep coming!

  7. Interesting take, and while I agree with some of Mr. Millroy’s comments, and some of yours, I am going to give you my take. I don’t believe for a second that one single intervention made during COVID-19 was done so with the intention to violate ANYONES rights and freedoms. Based on the best science (and yes there are always two sides to science as well) at the times, the medical experts (hired to do so), provided advice to the government on steps to reduce the spread of the disease. Were they always right, nope, were they always wrong, nope, were their intentions to violate peoples rights, nope, they were to protect society as a whole.

    When we consider the masking, was it implemented too late in the game, yes, why, because the science wasn’t concrete at the time, additional research needed to be done, and once the results were peer reviewed, then a recommendation of masking was put in place. Should there be “medical exemptions” NO, the science is pretty clear on that yet they provided exemptions regardless to support members of the community that may not be comfortable wearing a mask.

    When you consider the anti-vaxx movement, there are many vaccines that are legally required, or an exemption is required which limits the individual in the event of an outbreak. This is not something new, and sorry but it doesn’t violate your charter rights.

    The protests… charge every single one of them. They are violating a stay-at-home order, which is beyond popular belief not a violation of the charter of rights and freedoms. Provisions in section 1 and 2 of the charter allow for government to enact laws that may infringe on charter rights should it be for their protection, or the protection of society as a whole. Too many people read the charter “literally” and do not factor the “loopholes” if you want to call them in the act. The charter is to protect everyones rights, and I like everyone else have the right to be protected from those who choose to participate in super spreader events, and risky behaviours that may expose the general population to this virus. No different than a kid that doesn’t get their measles vaccine due to religious beliefs, should there be an outbreak they are removed from school under the public health legislation.

    On the vaccine passport, the federal government has already made it clear, within Canada it won’t be required, but we have no authority to stop other countries from requiring it, and why not require visitors to have it to help control the spread? After all everyone argues charter rights for everything, and visitors to our country are not afforded the same charter protection to the right to access our country.

    COVID is taking its toll on everyone, but the ICU statistics speak for themselves. This is a crisis, and we need to limit mobility. To say that some areas of the province have no cases so they should be wide open is a great concept, until those from Toronto and other hot zones head straight for those areas to have some “freedom”… It is next to impossible to limit mobility, you block one highway they use another, we block all the highways that limits transports moving critical goods by hours, days, weeks even, so it simply is not an option. So what’s the easiest way to limit mobility in the province, a stay-at-home order (which it should not be called as its not a truly stay at home order when you can go out for pretty much anything you’d like). And for anyone who disagrees that they will travel up here, let’s talk about the busses from Sudbury and Toronto found here for shopping trips, and our increased cases after…

    So has all the responses to COVID been great, nope… in my humble opinion we aren’t doing enough to limit the transmission. An actual “stay-at-home” order for a few weeks might actually reset the situation but in light of peoples “rights and freedoms” government has not taken such decisive actions like other countries have (which have seen a steep decline in virus spread, and a rapid return to normal GDP by the way… so the COVID Zero approach might be our best option), so we will be in this open-closed-open-closed approach for a while, but thats what happens when rights are trying to be protected. And lets be real here, we can all live without golf and tennis for a while… yeah, low risk of transmission at the site, but the point is STAY-AT-HOME!

    Just my two cents… can’t wait to get ripped… 3…2…1…. go… I have thick skin.

    • Masks weren’t required initially because we didn’t have enough and the government wanted to make sure people in health care got them. They are relatively useless in stopping the spread when in close proximity. There are many studies proving this.
      We are in a lockdown right now. Have you not been paying attention? This is the third one and relatively little has changed.
      Computers have nothing to do with the efficacy of a vaccine. It has to be tested on the recipients (animals first, then humans). These vaccines have not been required to do this crucial step thus blood clotting and other side effects.

      • As with anything, you weigh the benefits versus the risks.

        A woman is 100 times more likely to get a blot clot from birth control pills than from the vaccine.


        This vaccine was not ‘rushed’. What was cut was some of the layers of government bureaucracy that gums up the works, with the bean counters trying to justify their existance. All underwent human trials of 43,000 for Pfizer and 30,000 Moderna in the USA alone. Add to that other countries.
        Add to that many millions of those vaccinated before any Canadians received their first jab.

        • Women aren’t forced to take birth control drugs to go anywhere. All drugs have potential side effects.
          The vaccines for this virus weren’t properly tested thus their designations as experimental and no possible liability for the companies that made them.
          There are questions by many and they are legitimate.

  8. People have questions, and rightly so.
    The common cold is a coronavirus, yet even after a century scientists haven’t been able to make a vaccine.
    SARS (sars-covid) was a deadly coronavirus, a little less comtagious but more deadly than covid (sars-covid-2). Yet scientists couldn’t make a vaccine.
    Somehow scientists are able to make a vaccine for covid (sars-covid-2) and replicate it billions of times all within just one year?
    People have questions, and these are relatively simple questions.
    What fuels anti-mask/vaxx sentiment is the shutting down of questions and even now Trudeau’s censorship legislation, Bill C-10.

    • SARS wasn’t nearly as contagious so they were able to control the outbreak. No vaccine needed. (Companies didn’t bother as no profit in making a vaccine for a disease that was quarantined into oblivion)

      There was a need with COVID and by extension money to be made. This provided scientists money to research on creating a virus (scientists don’t sit around curing everything for free)

      The common cold is a collection of viruses not just certain COVID strains. Rather the common cold is just a set of common symptoms of viruses that affect the sinuses. Creating vaccines would be possible but would take a lot of needles to cover them all and given how mild most colds are not worth the economics of it. Flus tend to mutate but because a serious flu can be bad, they produce vaccines for the vulnerable often hit and miss on the strain.

      • Dan, SARS and Covid19 is the same virus.
        Virus change, mutate and adapt to reproduce, that’s what virus are all about, reproduce.
        SARS wasn’t as contagious? Ask the first physicians that were in contact with the first case in Canada, when they didn’t know what in hell they were dealing with.
        They are all dead.
        The Government did nothing after SARS because probably they applied the principle that a second bomb will not hit in the same hole of the first one, well it just happen that the Government was wrong, the physicians and the nurses that were in close contact with the first case here in Canada are all dead and not from old age.

        • Paul
          SARS and COVID19 are NOT caused by the same virus….
          SARS and COVID19 are the diseases caused by SARS-CoV and SARS2-CoV virus respectively.

          Your point about the first HCW to deal with SARS all dying is a bit of an exaggeration, as of the 41 Canadians that died of SARS, 3 were HCW (health care workers)

      • Dan
        The big difference between SARS and SARS2 was that SARS made you sick most of the time, versus SARS2, which has a high percentage of asymptomatic, contagious people, and makes it harder to contain. Also, SARS2 is contagious immediately, whereas SARS was contagious 7-14 days after onset of symptoms.
        This also makes SARS2 harder to keep in the bottle.
        SARS was thus contained permanently with quarantine.

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