Millroy: Anti-Mask / Anti-Lock down Protestors Should Be Charged


Usually when police see an offence taking place before their very eyes, they move in and take appropriate action.

But that certainly wasn’t the case in the Sault on Friday.

Despite warnings from police and public health earlier in the week about the heavy penalties that could be applied to those organizing and also those attending public gatherings, more than 100 people showed up at Bellevue Park for the “Stand for Freedom” rally protesting the restrictions imposed because of Covid-19.

Sault police officers were there but according to news reports, they only took pictures.

The idea, it seems, is to identify those involved by pouring over the pictures and then issuing fines.

I see this as being patently unfair. Police undoubtedly will not be able to identify all who attended and therefore those whom they can’t identify will escape the fines.

“The whole thing boils down to safety of everyone involved as well as officers,” Lincoln Louttit, a spokesman for Sault Ste. Marie Police Services, was quoted as saying. “By going into a potentially aggravated crowd does not ensure public safety. Public safety is the No. 1 priority there.”

I thought this comment was disingenuous at best.

This was a peaceful protest by people who, although woefully misguided and ill-informed, I can’t see resorting to violence if issued tickets.

I have no doubt some would get mouthy but violence, no.

In warning about the gathering, police stated anyone attending could face fines of up to nearly $1000 under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and those deemed to be organizers could face fines up to $10,000.

I thought this would be enough to keep people away but apparently not.

Some of those attending were quoted as saying they weren’t anti-mask or anti-vaccine but saw them as infringing on their freedom, that they had had enough of the restrictions.

This is about whether you want to wear a mask, whether or not you want to send your kids to school with masks on, whether or not you want to inject yourself with experimental injections, one said.

Another said lockdowns are extremely damaging and are destroying livelihoods.

“If we do not take these masks off and start rolling our economy back, we’re in big, big trouble,” said the speaker who identified himself as a Canadian Forces veteran.

A woman who identified herself as a personal support worker denied that hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid patients, claiming that the virus has been exaggerated and that the measures taken against the virus by government and public health authorities are an overreaction.

Where have these people been? Do they not read about or see on television what is going on around the world?

Or is it that they just don’t, or can’t, think?

It is all there for everyone to see, especially the situation in India where fires have to be kept burning in cleared areas to get rid of the bodies which, because of Covid, are now too plentiful for the crematoriums to handle.

And you can rail about lockdowns all you want, they along with the continued use of masks are going to help us keep the virus at bay until we all can be fully vaccinated.

But my central point here concerns the police. In future I would prefer that they nail on the spot those who are defying the edicts that have been put in place to protect us all.

They did it at a protest at Station Mall a couple of weeks back. They should have done it here and should especially do it if it happens again.

Joe Klukay

Unless you are from the Sault or quite old you might not recognize that name since his exploits on the ice were way back in the 1940s and 1950s..

But John Manzo and Gary Trembinski are on a mission to change all that; they want to see Klukay given a spot on the Sault Ste. Marie Walk of Fame.

Named one of the Top 100 Toronto Maple Leafs of all time, Klukay grew up in Bayview. He played more than 560 games with the Leafs and Boston Bruins during a 10-year career that started in 1946 and he won four Stanley Cups during his time with the Leafs.

I came to the Sault in 1975 but I knew about Klukay long before I even knew the Sault existed, hearing his name come up often as my father and I sat in front of our radio to hear Foster Hewitt broadcast Leafs games on Hockey Night in Canada.

I had an 8 by 10 picture of him as I had of all the Leafs. You could get the pictures by sending along a cut-out from Quaker Oats cereal.

Klukay never made it past the third line in those days, the scoring left to the first line of Syl Apps, the captain, at centre with Bill Ezinicki and Harry Watson on the wings and the second line with Ted Kennedy at centre and Vic Lynn and Howie Meeker on the wings.

But he got to play with some real talent shortly as the Leafs got high-scoring Max Bentley from the Chicago Blackhawks.

I didn’t stick around to listen to the Leafs win the Stanley Cups that followed because to get Bentley the Leafs gave up Gaye Stewart, Gus Bodnar and Bud Poile. I went with them as they were my favourite Leafs as they were all from Fort William, the closest big city to my hometown of Dryden.

But I diverge. Klukay is the man at play here.

Manzo and Trembinski are getting a lot of support for their mission, the latest coming from President Brendan Shanahan and general manager Kyle Dubas, also a Sault native, of the Leafs.

I say to those who decide who gets on the Walk of Fame, get it done.


  1. I believe the Sault Police avoided a riot on Friday at Bellevue Park and that was a good thing. It is not over yet as charges may still be laid.
    As for the Klukay issue I, too, listened to Foster Hewitt in those days and I believe that Klukay should have received many awards—Had he not been from Bay View.
    On my first visit to Maple Leaf Gardens I only wanted to see the Gondola where Foster Hewitt broadcasted from—What a pleasure that was !

  2. Did you feel the same outrage during the other lockdowns and call for Trudeau and BLM protesters to be arrested while he “took the knee” photo-op?
    Shortly after that there were massive spreads in the GTA & Ottawa areas. But no one was charged?
    Why is one protest for rights more important that others?
    As Luc said, let’s “call a spade a spade Doug. These people need to feel the consequences..”
    Either we charge everyone who gathers en masse or it’s just more privileged base nonsense.
    I’m tired of being locked down too, maybe if we applied the same strict principles earlier on to all the other groups and not show favouritism we would be better off now.
    But we had groups gathering like ‘occupy’, BLM, and Trudeau breaking distancing and congregating rules. We’ve had Trudeau traveling, MPs, MPPs, local administrators, teachers hosting parties.
    Why are we picking & choosing? Just because it’s convenient? Or we’re favouring one message over another?
    After all, “we’re in this together”.
    At least it’s only ’14 days to flatten the curve’.

  3. Every one of those should have been fined. But of course this lock down is just a suggestion. There is no enforcement of any of the rules this time around. While our Hospital fills up with out of town patients, we treat this virus as a joke. Will there be a bed available when you get it ?

  4. I liked the Joe Klukay story much better than the lockdown story as Douglas seems to repeat the same thing the 92 percent owned Liberal media are feeding everyone. Ron

  5. Charge people for what Doug? Distancing? Going outside? Standing for what they believe to be a fundamental Charter Right? I’m confused when it is fine to line up and enter Walmart, this annoys you?

  6. Mr. Millroy, I find it odd, not only with you but also with other journalists that you are vocal about these types of demonstrations/protests but quiet when it comes to blocking rail ways, blocking highways, blocking roads etc.
    For the record, I will get a vaccine and I always wear a mask. It’s a double standard when it comes to what/why you are demonstrating.

      • There were small protests that still exceeded gathering limits by locals at Romano’s office (unrelated to the above mentioned group) as well as BLM & affiliate marches. They wore masks but didn’t maintain distance and disregarded group limits. During the 2nd lockdown and near the end of the first.
        I don’t recall when that religious convention was but remember it was entirely frowned upon at the time (in the least) but was still given the happy green light.

        • I was waiting for the BLM complaints… as though BLM marches are a common occurence in Sault Ste. Marie.

          I think comparing the oppression and frequent murder of black people by police and the “oppression” of a bunch of baby boomers being asked to wear masks aren’t comparable. But I’m sure those at the rally would love to tell you how oppressed they are!

          • Group 1 – congregated when they weren’t supposed to & ignored legally
            Group 2 – congregated when they weren’t supposed to and large calls for prosecution.
            Hypocrisy & virtue signalling.

  7. I believe too much is being read into the lack of charges. The police were quite successful in tamping it down, and that was the goal.

    The protest was tiny, given the size of the Facebook group. The organizers didn’t organize much, and nothing they promised materialized. The speakers’ opinions were all over the place. Not anti-mask but talking against masks. Not anti-vaxx but talking against vaccines.
    Complain about Trudeau and Ford not delivering vaccines and then turn around and say vaccines are dangerous.

  8. Because the Police didn’t run rough shod over people protesting peacefully you somehow associate that with Policing standards. That someone with other than a high school education would make a better Police Officer… huh. Where were you when Police Forces across Ontario let it be known they would not be stopping vehicles randomly after Ford’s feeble attempt to turn the Province into communist China. Guess that too was just a lack of education standards for the Forces involved.

  9. Apparently SOOGUY has all the answers. Yet, SooGuy clearly states that the Constitution Act allows for REASONABLE restrictions. The Constitutional Act also allows Mobility Rights, Peaceful Assembly, and Freedom of Speech. REASONABLE restrictions to SooGuy includes censorship of speech speaking to points on the opposition of what the government (whom never lies to its citizens) say about the pandemic. Reasonable restrictions to SooGuy also include forcing people to stay at home for over a year and also allowing police powers to question citizens activity without any reason. Reasonable restrictions to SooGuy also include closing small businesses and recreational activities to citizens even though there is factual data that he chooses to ignore indicating that these activities have an astronomically low chance of contracting this deadly virus. Reasonable restrictions to SooGuy also include deploying military personal.

    Its easy to be right wing on this issue. People are ignoring the factual data not supplied by CNN and other major news networks fearmongering and creating a specific narrative. There’s a video of a CNN executive drunkenly stating that CNN causes fear for ratings.

    We should be celebrating the 99% survival rate not locking people up needlessly.
    In both the article and SooGuys response you can see the CNN brainwash that has blinded these individuals.

    After all, SooGuy still only thinks people that have high school diplomas become police officers.
    Stay off CNN.

  10. Lockdowns aren’t necessary nor do they work as has been shown by numerous studies. So are they legal if many experts in the field are questioning their effetiveness?
    Masks are limited in their usefulness as numerous studies have shown.
    Just because Mr Milroy doesn’t read about these studies doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    • Lockdowns don’t work but cases / hospitalizations / deaths go down during lockdowns.

      Countries that locked down hard and were able to isolate themselves are now nearly back to normal (New Zealand, Iceland, Australia) Sweden didn’t lock down at all and relied on social distancing and masks, the result being a COVID death rate much higher than it’s locked-down neighbours.

      I’d like to see your numerous ‘studies’ about masks having limited usefulness. If masks aren’t effective, it’s more a result of poor masks poor practices by those using them.

      • Hospitals have revealed that they were mandated by Ford to perform PCR quick tests on ALL patients and label ALL deaths with a positive test regardless of cause of death. Meaning, a car accident or heart attack with a positive PCR quick test was labeled a covid death. Add to that the provincial government confirmed 50% false positive rate, we end up with statistically unreliable numbers. Further, people stay home there are fewer car accidents, workplace accidents, muggings/murders, etc. Those were also fatal accidents avoided by not leaving home that as listed above likely could have been listed as covid deaths.
        Because of how the governments have been capturing data and not breaking it out into statistically relevant data sets (such as deaths WITH covid, deaths DUE TO covid, covid deaths with no comorbidity, deaths with previous comorbidity, etc) we’re left with data that cannot be properly quantified or qualified. No causality just correlation.
        Mostly click bait fear mongering from mass media outlets.
        Kind of like The Truman Show movie – people are now addicted to checking websites, news sites, etc for their daily covid fix.

        • Quite worthless drivel. Until you publish credible sources to your references anyone should take this reply with a grain of salt as at this point it is complete speculation.

        • ““The cause of death of someone with COVID-19 is not necessarily straight forward, as they may have died due to COVID-19 symptom complications, or may have died with COVID-19 but due to another health issue (this is especially true in settings like [long-term care homes] where there are multiple factors simultaneously at play),” explained Ottawa Public Health.”

        • Ahhhh… the invention of high Covid numbers in order to strike fear in the population in order to …???????

          EVERY country in the world gathers their data in different ways, runs different types of covid tests, defines a covid death differently . Yet every country is treating it very seriously and spending huge amounts of money and crippling their economies in order to fight it. Some locked down harder than others, some didn’t lock down at all. ALL are trying to combat it as best they can, in some way or another.
          If you are insinuating that Trudeau/Ford/every other Premier are faking the data for some evil end, you need to include EVERY OTHER WORLD LEADER/parliament/dictator/king/queen/prince in the same statement.

          No government wants this, which is why our official opposition has been so silent on everything covid.

          • Sounds like Tom is putting words in someone else’s mouth and missing the point.
            Every aspect of life in Ontario is determined by covid cases and deaths and we are repeatedly told in Ontario how bad things are. Here we see the numbers are actually inflated and not accurate.
            That is a big deal to me. Maybe the official opposition is so silent because government keeps getting shut down

          • Since Ontario is better off than some countries and worse off than others, are ALL countries lying ? THAT is my point about these conspiracy theories.

            Also, what would be the point of putting your country in debt and (probably) ruining your re-election chances by panicking everyone and then screwing up the handling of the virus ? (Insert any politicians name here )

      • In some instances they’ve gone up. Actual data showing this in many places on the internet.
        Check the internet for the studies about masks since your so sure of yourself.
        Don’t compare an island with a country as large as a continent. New Zealand has had cases after their lockdown.
        Our federal government (your apparent heros) never stopped flights from China ,where the virus originated, and then the other countries where variants came about.
        Ask yourself why social media banned the term Wuhan Flu or China Virus but allowed countries where variants occurred to be named as the origin.
        You, Mr Milroy and the others of your mindset, keep blaming fellow Canadian citizens, perhaps your neighbours, for causing the spread of the virus. Its pathetic that you discount and in some cases disparage their views – many which are backed by facts.
        People such as yourself were called useful idiots by the biggest mass murderer in human history.

  11. Yesterday a group of 19 Ontario police officers launched a constitutional challenge against the provincial and federal governments and several police chiefs, claiming that enforcing pandemic health restrictions puts them at odds with their oath to uphold the charter. The submission questions the science of masks and vaccines.

    Perhaps this is the explanation for why the police refused to enforce the law last Friday. Are there local officers who are part of this group? Section one of the Constitution Act clearly allows for reasonable restrictions and previous court cases have recognized public health measures as a reasonable restriction. The effectiveness of masks and vaccines have been confirmed by numerous studies over the past year.

    Officers need to recognize that they are not experts in interpretation of law or medical science and do their job which is to enforce the law. Perhaps this is a wake-up call that it’s time to raise our policing standards and require more than a high school diploma to qualify as a police officer?

    • LOL yes now let’s brand the Police with the “you can’t fix stupid” group. You know they need a Masters of BS to really be a good Officer. I want them all fired because they didn’t write a ticket. Well how about this maybe the Police should really start doing their jobs and start ticketing all the speed demons in town. After that maybe they can start on all the people who don’t understand what a STOP SIGN means. You know do something creative with their time and make some money for the City while doing it. I never seen a more vindictive group of people in my life. S
      sometimes I wonder how people make it through the day….my goodness.

    • Actually, the effectiveness of masks has been hotly debated between the WHO, CDC, Health Canada to name a few. That’s why we’ve been between no masks outside, so masks always, back to no masks outside. To any mask will do, then no it must be an N95, but KN95 aren’t working, to maybe we should layer masks, back to maybe single masks will work, then masks with face shields.
      Even the CDC has said that masks can help slow the spread and are a mitigation factor only, not a preventative.

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