Motorcycle gathering being investigated by police


Shortly after the Bellevue Park gathering held Saturday, Sault Online was made aware of multiple motorcycles gathered to remember “Duke” a local motorcycle enthusiast.

Pictures and videos surfaced on social media about the gathering. Some questioned if they too were in violation of the EMCPA and if they would be getting charged.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services just released this information.

“On May 22, 2021 there was a gathering in the area of Hughes Street which was heavily attended. Officers were monitoring the gathering and are investigating. Charges related to violations of current provincial restrictions are anticipated,” said the statement.

Stay with SaultOnline as we bring you more information on this developing situation.


  1. If churches got huge fines for letting people gather there, is this funeral home going to be fined because that is another place they gathered besides Hughes St.

  2. I can’t believe that the city police in the Soo were so ignorant to think that this episode would not be front and center. Then to come out with these lame excuses as to why their focus was on the people at the park is just as ignorant to the citizens of this city. How many people could not attend a funeral for one of their loved ones, but we open up the city for bikers from all over the country and our leaders pretend to see nothing. Before the first protest at the park our Mayor was on the media warning people what would happen if they proceeded, but he didn’t know what the bikers were here for like he didn’t know we have a drug problem. Our city leaders and police are embarrassing our city, this could only happen here

  3. I called the police station. They think they’re untouchable with regards to the law….I’ll change that outlook they have. Due process….if no one got cited with a provincial violation then that is not due process. They charge one group then they let others do as they please? Lol ya no, that’s not happening. This city is so crappy when it comes to people leading this city and area. Ross Romano, does nothing, mayor provenzano, does nothing, Terry Sheehan, all the same, collecting government wages for doing nothing!

  4. Call it whatever you want but it was still a GATHERING which is not allowed according to the latest provincial guideline. They should all receive a ticket.

    • Irrelevant – no one else in Ontario is allowed to congregate like that. Many churches in Ontario have actually been shut down and fined due to funerals exceeding the limits.
      Just 2 weeks ago the Church of God in Aylmer was forced to shut down and fined $48,000.
      Trinity Bible Chapter in Waterloo before that.

  5. No matter what the cops say or how they want to spin it the truth is the people at the park were a lot easier to handle. I think the cops might have been afraid

  6. “Officers were monitoring the gathering and are investigating. Charges related to violations of current provincial restrictions are anticipated”
    Funny, when a large group of people get together that are associated with motorcycle gang known for violence and drugs the police only monitor and investigate, but at a lockdown protest with people that had no known criminal element the police were there in numbers handing out fines and summons on the spot.
    We sure have odd priorities today.

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