Murder Suicide on Foothill Road

A Sault Police Services Traffic Unit guards the scene on the north end of the city, May 13, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline)

On May 7, 2021 officers attended a residence in the 100 block of Foothill Road to perform a well-being check on the residents.

Upon arrival officers located the two residents, husband and wife, deceased inside the residence.

An investigation ensued and it was determined the wife died as a result of a gunshot and the husband died as a result of a self inflicted gunshot.

This is an isolated incident and there no threat to public safety.

Identifying information is not being released at this time as officers are attempting to locate next of kin.


  1. Only those involved know what the circumstances were. To speculate is not helpful. Be mindful that there may be family and friends who are trying to come to terms with this tragedy.

  2. A terrible thing that didn’t have to come to this. People are stressed beyond belief for many reasons and many won’t seek professional help. If things are going sideways and you think you need help, by all means seek out the help.

  3. I’m actually more curious if it was a mutual way to just leave this place in arguably one of the worst times in human history to be alive…

    • …. you think this is one of the worst times in human history? Lmao oh boy, open a book, bud.

  4. It’s a very sad situation and maybe more people should be aware because domestic violence is not okay! The lockdown can cause domestic violence and depression to increase. Please check in on your loved ones especially in there are any signs of abuse!

  5. If some people had their way, there would be no news or transparency.

    I’m sure the people of that neighbourhood are glad to know it wasn’t a home invasion, ESPECIALLY if a gun was fired twice. It’s not like they od’d on pills and for all anyone knows, maybe the wife wasn’t okay with dying. But yeah we totally should tell the public “It was nothing, none of anyone’s business, just 2 gunshots”)

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