One Islander’s “trash”…


Mark Saturday, May 22nd, on your calendar for the St. Joseph Island Spring Cleanup!

The Township of St. Joseph has expanded on the idea that created the Share Shed, a community initiative to reduce waste in the landfill by offering a space for community members to share unused items with others who may find need for them.  On this one day, residents are invited to place the items being saved for the Share Shed, at the end of their driveway, and friends and neighbours can come and take the items they may want or need.

Since COVID-19 began, the St. Joseph Island Share Shed has been closed due to ongoing restrictions.

On May 22nd, Islander’s are invited to shop driveways and pick up any items offered by the community, while maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing whenever possible.

Free tipping week for Island residents starts the following day Sunday, May 23rd, so any items that may not have gotten picked up in the Spring Cleanup can be taken to the dump.

One Islander’s trash, is another Islander’s treasure!