Ontario may shorten interval between vax doses as more supply expected: Elliott


Ontario might shorten the length of time between COVID-19 vaccine doses as it prepares to receive more supply this month.

The province expects to receive weekly Pfizer vaccine shipments of more than 785,000 doses in May, and more than 938,000 doses next month.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says the additional supply might allow the province to shorten the four-month interval between the first and second shots.

Elliott says people will be contacted to arrange a new time for their second appointment if that happens.

The province is sending half its vaccine supply to designated COVID-19 hot spots for the next two weeks.

The government has said it hopes to offer shots to all adults in the province by the end of the month.



  1. It’s difficult to believe anything they tell us anymore. One day they have lots of vaccines…the next oops the shipment didn’t arrive…now suddenly we may have so many shots we can do the second shots. Pick a story Ms. Elliot and stick with it.

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