Ontario reports 2,791 new cases of COVID-19, 25 more deaths, over 88,000 vaccinations


Ontario is reporting 2,791 new cases of COVID-19 today and 25 more deaths linked to the virus.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says there are 931 new cases in Toronto, 653 in Peel Region, and 275 in York Region.

She also says there are 147 new cases in Durham Region and 128 in Hamilton.

Today’s data is based on over 33,700 tests completed.

The Ministry of Health says that 2,167 people are hospitalized because of the novel coronavirus, with 886 in intensive care and 609 on ventilators.

Ontario says 88,871 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine were administered since Monday’s report, for a total of more than 5.4 million doses given in the province.


  1. Posting all of that data as a news release daily would be unworkable and not do the public any good. Not everyone studied statistical methodology in university.
    tats you asked for are posted online, along the raw data. https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data
    All you had to do is look…it took me about 30 seconds.

    It seems you were more interested in making a political point, as indicated by your last comments.

  2. Please government, capture and convey actual quantifiable data?
    We need statistically relevant and quantifiable data to show a causality, not a correlation.
    It’s like indicating Mondays are the cause of many deaths every week when in reality it’s being driving too fast to work after a weekend.
    Examples of what I mean:
    -total covid cases
    -margin of error (i.e. % of false positives, eg 50% in Ontario)
    -positive symptomatic covid cases
    -positive asymptomatic covid cases
    -total covid deaths
    -deaths other than symptomatic covid that PCR quick tested positive post-mortem (eg heart attack, car accident)
    -deaths, covid symptomatic, tested peri, or post-mortem
    -deaths, covid positive, with NO comorbid illnesses
    -deaths, covid positive, with comorbid illnesses
    -deaths, covid positive, with secondary or tertiary comorbid illnesses
    -deaths, long-term care homes
    -deaths, non-long term care homes
    -positive symptomatic cases, long-term care homes
    -positive asymptomatic cases, non-long term care homes
    Having studied statistical methodology throughout university I’ve been astounded throughout this pandemic at how poorly the data is being captured, studied or conveyed.
    It’s nearly scientifically useless. Now I’m starting to understand all the vitriol and confusion and why people are questioning the government.
    I’m really trying hard to understand and wrap my head around how a provincial and federal government are seemingly refusing to talk about useable data, unless they don’t want us to know something. Add to that Trudeau’s Bill C-10 to heavily censor all Canadian media to fit “Canada’s vision” it really starts to make one question our government.
    -people who are infirm, elderly, obese or have pulmonary problems – covid is dangerous
    -people who are healthy and medically fall into the majority of the population – will be fine

    • Likely there will be several people telling me to put my tinfoil hat back on, but take the time to read this:

      “The daily pandemic death counts in Ontario include people who have tested positive for COVID-19 but have not necessarily died from the virus.”

      “In a pandemic, it’s better to overestimate than underestimate COVID deaths,” said Dr. Prabhat Jha, an epidemiologist and Professor of Global Health at University of Toronto.”


      • I get your point…. you post it all over.

        BUT, none of those people would have died if they hadn’t got COVID. Eventually, yes, everyone dies, but COVID took them early.

        To believe your point, we also must believe that every country is in the greatest scam ever. Even sworn enemies got together in some secret plan to exaggerate the danger of SARS2, ruin their economies and put themselves in debt.

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