Ontario to move to replace chief medical officer of health today


TORONTO — Ontario’s government is set to table a motion today that would replace the province’s top public health doctor.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says the province is moving to replace Dr. David Williams with Dr. Kieran Moore.

Moore currently serves as the top doctor at the Kingston-area public health unit, and is expected to take over as Ontario’s chief medical officer of health on June 26.

Williams had been slated to retire in September, but his last day has been pushed up by several months.

Elliott says Moore will start working with Williams on June 7 to ensure a smooth transition.

Also this week, the province is offering residents 80 and older the chance to get a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine earlier than expected.

The government announced last week that it would shorten the minimum interval between doses to just four weeks, starting with some of Ontario’s oldest residents.

Those 70 and older will see their interval shortened in mid-June, and after that, residents will become eligible for second doses based on when they received their first shot.



  1. Just another contradiction in the covid storyline. For the longest time we were told the time between doses is critical yet and too long would
    nullify the first dose but now it’s not a big deal?
    Every step of this has been clear as mud and even less logical

    • They don’t know much about how the virus mutates.
      And once they seem to be grasping some info, the virus changes the behaviour.
      There is people that recovers without damage but many people is left with organs damage for the rest of their life.
      One explanation would be this is not mother nature, it has a touch made by humans.

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