Police Investigating incident involving chase (VIDEO)


SaultOnline / ONNtv was made aware of a widely circulated video showing a blue car leaving an east end gas station at a high rate of speed.

The incident appeared to involve a police officer pointing his service weapon at the vehicle before it took off from the gas station.

We have learned from someone on scene the suspect allegedly stole $28 dollars worth of gas before being pursued by OPP, westbound on Trunk Road.

After reaching out to OPP we were informed by their communications division the investigation falls under the purview of Sault Ste. Marie Police Services.

An attempt to get comment from Sault Police Services has yet to be answered.


  1. For all you stunning & brave keyboard warriors jumping to conclusions and getting outraged, the driver was the one that fired a gun multiple times into a house on Poplar Dr. So yeah, the police drawing a gun makes sense.

  2. Gun is fine in this situation provided they don’t fire pre-maturely (eg for all they know the thief could try to back over them). Given that the thief drove away and the officer didn’t fire, nothing wrong was done.

  3. Do you know for sure that was the only reason they were being pursued or was there also a warrant involved? There really are no details known yet.

    • We do not know what happened here. Let’s not jump to any conclusions based on assumptions. It could have been a “wreckless cop” or it could have been an officer who was confronted with a firearm or immediate danger. We do not know. We were not there.

  4. You certainly cannot outrun two way radios, but in the heat of the moment anyone desperate enough to steal anything may not think of that and just go for it. Why would a cop pull a deadly weapon on a gas thief, that is hardly appropriate, maybe a taser.
    The percentage of gun happy cowboys in law enforcement that can’t wait to pull their weapon is far too high.

    • You’re joking, right? Do you have any idea how many police officers have been killed by being run down by cars in just this type of scenario? A car in this scenario is without question a deadly weapon.
      Do you have some intimate insight into this event? Where you there and did you run the licence plate? Do you know the offender? Can you confirm the offender is not known for any weapons or firearms offences? How many vehicles have you seen stopped when a couple small electrodes can penetrate steel & glass?
      Please enlighten and educate us oh wise one.

  5. Well, when the Police ask you to stop, you stop and follow orders. Period!

    All normal citizen does that and no one had ever had a problem… till someone decided not to stop and run away.

    You can only run so far!

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