Province Pondering Extending Stay-At-Home Order


If you were hoping the stay at home order will expire on May 20th, think again.

Ontario has been advised to “stay the course” with the province’s on-going pandemic restrictions, until the COVID-19 cases experience a significant drop. That means the province may extend the stay at home order until June.

The advice from provincial health advisors is in line with local medical officers of health, asking for an extension in the emergency measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 variants.

“Any move to relax restrictions now would without a doubt reverse the modest downward trends we have observed over the past two weeks.” A letter to Premier Doug Ford from  the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health  stated.

If the stay-at-home order, which is due to expire on May 20, is extended by two weeks it would last until June 2.

The move is likely not going to sit well with those who are holding protests surrounding the government’s stay at home and lockdown orders locally.

Three protests , attracting up to 100 people have been staged on the waterfront and at Bellevue Park over the last few weeks. Protestors claim the Province’s actions are hurting the economy and is an attack of their rights and freedoms.



  1. Ontario just reported 2320 Covid-19 cases.
    The lockdown is working, people is following the orders and as a preventative measure, the lockdowns are working, the results are there for everyone to see, but we can bare the price of it.

    What’s not working is the vaccination, we are more than one year into this mess and the guy in charge of buying the vaccines failed us all.
    Or PM told us to take the first vaccine we are offered… and Astra Zeneca is not good.
    Why there is not massive vaccination? That’s the solution.

    Locally… just watch that guy with your wallet buying a white elephant… 8 millions of your hard earned money spent for people who fit themselves with salaries that you and me can’t dream about…

  2. “Unknown Author” you are so correct!! Pretty much every country has these protests, it’s not a Canada thing!!!! If your income was affected, or lost your job you would be one of these thoughtless knuckleheads too!!! I myself had to stay home for a week and get tested because I had a cold, “a common cold”, remember those!!!! But was treated like I had Ebola!

  3. It was a bad idea to schedule this current lockdown to end right before the May 2-4/Victoria Day weekend to begin with.

  4. There is no question that it will be extended thanks to the thoughtless knuckleheads that think it’s a big conspiracy and carry on as if nothing was wrong and demonstrating in groups, going out without masks or social distancing, taking vacations, flying to other countries that are crawling with variants and bringing it home, spreading it far and wide. It will be a miracle if this stay at home order is lifted by September at this rate.

    • We were promised “just give us 14 days to flatten the curve” on the first lockdown a year ago, and then promised if we were good there would be no more. Then we were promised no more regional lockdowns. Each promise was broken.
      Ontarians overall did a very good job with the first lockdown – cases dropped, and things looked good. Then Trudeau refused to close the border entirely and instead created exemptions for internationally travelers who didn’t have to isolate or quarantine. Then Ontario saw many new covid variants.
      The protesters weren’t really calling for the end to lockdowns as much as they were calling for an end to ineffective & arbitrary lockdowns.
      We can’t travel but the Prime Minister and many other Ministers went on Caribbean vacations. Even locally top level administrators were traveling across Canada.
      1. Blanket lockdowns are NOT working – covid cases are higher than ever
      2. Canadians are being locked down while foreign business people, students and relatives are allowed to travel with exemptions.
      3. As Canadians begin to question the double standards and speaking out against the government’s covid failures, rather than working harder for Canadians Trudeau’s government introduces bill C-10 to censor what Canadians are allowed to say online and effectively make calling the government out illegal
      5. True to how the federal government works, anyone that questions the government regardless of how minutely is suddenly labeled “tinfoil hat” or “far right” racists. But that’s what Trudeau’s New Canada does, label everything racist if they don’t like it.
      6. Canada has now become a laughing stock globally and is regularly discussed in U.S. new and commentaries.
      7. Many other countries are now back to relative normal, why is Canada now effectively a year behind?
      8. Trudeau openly stated in parliament that even when ALL Canadians are vaccinated he has no plans to ever remove travel restrictions, masks, etc for Canadians – why?

      We are living in very dangerous times and what the government is doing is NOT working.
      If you think there’s

    • Do those “thoughtless knuckleheads that think it’s a big conspiracy and carry on as if nothing was wrong” include people like government ministers, local administrators and the prime minister that have traveled and posed shoulder-to-shoulder in protest crowds for photo ops?
      Funny how quickly Canadians have fallen into lock-step to automatically brand people as conspiracy theorists if they question how the government breaks their own laws and acts counterintuitively.

      • Every government official and bureaucrat in every country on earth is a liar and conspiracy theorist

    • 14 months of constant lockdowns and you want them extended till september. I am willing to bet you are one of the lucky ones who have not lost a dime in this 14 months. Now if your pension cheque was affected you would be screaming just like the thousands of small business owners across the province are. Just remember , many of those that are screaming for an end to these lockdowns are doing so out of desperation. Financial ruin, psychological damage beyond repair , those things don’t appear in the daily stats that are plastered all over the news. If the public money spent on this pandemic was thrown at the fragile health care system there would be no lockdowns whatsoever. Yes there are those that are not following the rules but the screams now are coming from those that have followed the rules for 14 months and see the same results . Think about that before you call people thoughtless knuckleheads.

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