Reaction – Citizen support for Civic Plaza seems lacking

Concept drawing of ice rink at proposed Civic Plaza ( City Agenda )

Since posting about the Civic Centre coming before City Council this Monday night, online reaction has been both swift, and mostly negative.

Here are a few highlights from some of the comments we have received to the story.

“Wow, this is outrageous. $8.4 million can resurface a lot of roads or help a lot of people out during this time. $8.4 million dollars is so much money.” -Brianne Zielinski

“It’s 8.4 million dollar now up 2.2 million and it hasn’t even started. So like everything else the city does it should finish off at about 16/17 million dollars when completed. Take it to the people to vote on before you spend anymore money and time on this to see if they want this nothing park very very few will use after the first year.” – Tony LeClair

“Of course all you Karen’s if you had nothing to b**** about, you would be miserable ….I think it is a great idea, and why not, this city needs something to make us happy again….no city has ever had perfect smooth roads, and even when they do pave them over or fix them, more Karen’s bitch about the inconvenience of having to go around the construction…..So stop b****ing, accept it, and enjoy it when it does get built.” -Wendy Mayville

“I do agree something has to be done in that area to spruce it up, but not to the tune of 8 million !! Absolutely ridiculous !!
Build a rehab creates jobs, and will help our sad drug situation in this city..they have nowhere to go !!
Spending $250,000 was out of the question to keep Point Des Chenes going yet they don’t blink an eye on this ludicrous scenario? Unbelievable.” – Robin McDonald.

As of 1:20 p.m. May 8, 2021, a poll running on our webpage showed 71 out of 90 readers didn’t support the plaza.

Stay with SaultOnline as we bring you more information on the decisions around this and other items at Monday’s council meeting.


  1. This city would be better served by capping the amount spent on building this city park for the homeless and drug addicts at 6 million and putting 2 million into Pointe des Chenes for families and a healthy lifestyle. The results will be obvious!

  2. The city needs to spend 5X this amount to rebuild the long neglected bumpy pothole roads. Never mind a downtown plaza in crack alley, that just makes no sense at all.

  3. It was a stupid idea when they came up with it, and it’s an even stupider idea now. That overrun is just going to get higher now that building materials are skyrocketing.

    Stuff like this you do during good times. During rough times you keep the existing infrastructure from crumbling further.

  4. i’m 100% in support.

    this town is dying and sadly it’s some of our own residents who are choking it to death. aren’t sooites sick of watching our tax base shrink and our community turning into a retirement community?

    i look forward to a time when the boomer era economics are put to pasture. they simply don’t work.

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